Everyone needs a friend eventually, especially during these trying times. A friend that they can talk to about anything, a friend that can discuss life, a friend that can play games and draw pictures… there is a lot a friend can do. But what if that friend was a bird?

Bird Alone is the newest game from indie developer George Batchelor who is known for his unique “social” games like Hot Date where you speed date with a cute dog, or Far from Noise where you converse with a stag near a cliff.

Bird Alone is no different from his past games. Players will befriend a lonely bird and live life together. Talk, paint pictures, write poetry, make music, and grow old together.

Every day, the bird will ask the player questions to get to know them better. The bird will ask a variety of questions ranging from innocent ones like what your favorite color is to hard-hitting ones like if you ever think about death. It is up to you how honest you want to be.

All of the things you do together with the bird will be recorded in some fashion, allowing you to look back in your record of precious memories. Explore gardens, feed the bird yummy fruit, rub its belly to show appreciation, and more.

Time is constantly moving, and you will watch season go by. Thankfully though, you will not be alone for the journey.

Bird Alone is available now on the App Store for 2.99 USD.


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