Season 4 has officially dropped for Fortnite and its mobile counterpart! This new season brings a variety of new challenges and updates, but also an exciting new limited time mode: a cross over with Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War!

The new mode is aptly named Infinity War, just like the recently released movie. Infinity War starts out just like any other game of Fortnite: 100 players drop into the map, and the last one standing is the winner.

What’s different is that Thanos’ legendary Infinity Gauntlet spawns somewhere on the map, and all players need to scour the land to find it. The first player to find it can don the gauntlet and become the all powerful Eternal himself!

Thanos is super powered titan that starts with a whopping 300 shields and 700 health. Needless to say, you will require a LOT of firepower to take him down – maybe even with help of other players! Be careful though, as Thanos restores his shields every time he kills a player. Played right, he can be practically invincible!

Thanos relies on the power of Infinity Gauntlet to decimate his foes, so he can’t build or use any kind of gun. Thanos can unleash a basic frontal combo that will take down most players with ease, but he can also leap high into the air and come crashing down on unsuspecting players like a hurling meteor. Buildings will fall against his might!

To give the regular players a fighting chance, higher rarity guns are much more common once Thanos spawns in. Also, regular players will have an icon on their compass showing where Thanos is at all times, giving you a chance to evade his reign of destruction. Should Thanos go down, the Infinity Gauntlet is dropped and another player can pick up it up.

Infinity War is a super fun mode and all Fortnite fans should give it a shot while it’s still around! If you haven’t already, you can grab Fortnite from the iOS App Store.


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