Mini Golf King launched its new Tour Challenge update on the App Store and Google Play this week, and it’s the only mini golf game you’re ever going to need to play. With dozens of different courses and action-packed multiplayer, there’s nothing mini about this mobile golfing adventure.

The game lets you play on over 30 unique and imaginative golf courses. You’ll compete against players from all over the world, carefully tapping your ball across drawbridges, over pyramids, and through mazes filled with dangerous traps.

You’ll have to learn the ins and outs of each course to avoid these obstacles and figure out the fastest way to guide your ball to the hole. You’ll find jump pads and other helpful features to give you a bit of a boost should you need it.

Real-time online matches pit you against other skilled players. You’ll need to win trophies to unlock the game’s more advanced stages. To help you on your path to greatness, you’ll come across new clubs, balls, and gloves that you can upgrade to improve your game. As you progress, you’ll take on the weekly leaderboard and join in on tournaments to win prizes, and even better, the fame that comes with it.

Mini Golf King is simple to pick up, but there’s plenty of depth if you’ve got a competitive spirit as well. You can find Mini Golf King on iOS and Android right now.


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