Beat Blade: Dash Dance Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get High Scores

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Welcome to the future of music games! Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a musical fusion of rhythm games and endless runners. With simple one-touch controls, players will run through stages that are built to the rhythm of today’s popular songs where they will slash through blocks in time with the beat.

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With plenty of songs to play and lots of skills to master, there is much to cover in our Beat Blade: Dash Dance tips and tricks guide. We will do our best to cover all aspects of the game, so let’s get started with our Beat Blade: Dash Dance cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to get high scores!

Get a Feel for the Controls

Beat Blade: Dash Dance features relatively simple controls. You are in charge of only one thing: moving left and right by swiping across the screen. You should be okay with using the default settings, but if they feel off to you, you can change them in the game settings.

In the settings, you can change how sensitive your swipes are. It is very important to find a setting that is comfortable for you, as you will need to make lightning fast movements if you ever hope to tackle the harder songs.

But of course, you want to make sure not to overtune your sensitivity. Too high will make your character uncontrollable, while too low will make you far too sluggish to dodge all of the mines in time.

Start with the Easy Songs

When you start your adventure in Beat Blade: Dash Dance, you will only have access to three songs: two easy songs, and one medium song. If you are not familiar with rhythm games, we recommend playing the two easy songs first.

The objective of Beat Blade: Dash Dance is to hit all of the colored blocks by running into them with your runner. The blocks will go to the beat of the song, so that will help you with your timing.

Whatever you do, do NOT run into the spiky mines! Running into a mine will immediately bring your run to an end, and you will need to restart the song.

The songs ramp up in difficult pretty fast, so you will want to start easy to get the hang of things first. Once you feel comfortable enough, go ahead and move onto the medium songs and see what you got!

Hollow Blocks are Bonus Points

At certain points of the song, you may come across multiple rows of blocks. If you look closely, you will notice that these blocks have hollow circles in them, which are different from the normal blocks you are used to.

These are hollow blocks, and they award bonus points for destroying them. Unlike normal blocks, missing these things does not count towards your combo, so you can go ahead and slash wildly to destroy as many as you can.

As we mentioned, they are often lined up in multiple rows, so it is pretty difficult to nail every single one of them. Do not worry if you miss some – just try to hit as many as you can to rack up those bonus points.

Go for the Full Combo

When you hit multiple blocks in a row, you start a combo multiplier, which can be seen at the top left corner of the screen. The combo multiplier does not actually multiplier the amount of points you get per block, but it does help you get more coins.

If you manage to hit every single block in the song, you will achieve a full combo! This means you have the highest possible score on the song, and you earn some bonus coins for it as well.

Getting a full combo is pretty easy to do on the easy songs, but it becomes a lot harder when you start moving up on difficulty. Do not worry if you miss some blocks on your first run through a song, just keep going and try to memorize as much of the song as possible.

Once you get your bearings, you will have a much easier time going for a full combo on the second attempt, now that you know the general flow of the song. It is worth it to full combo every song for the bonus coins!

Unlocking New Songs

After your three initial songs, you will need to unlock the rest. There are tons of fun songs for you to play in Beat Blade: Dash Dance, but in order to unlock songs you have to either watch an advertisement or pay the coin fee.

If you see a coin amount next to a song, that means you have to pay to unlock it. If you see the “Play” icon, you will need to watch an advertisement to unlock it. Thankfully, you only have to watch the advertisement once and the song remains unlocked forever.

To get more coins, you are probably going to have to play songs that you have already cleared. That is okay though, because you still get lots of coins and you can use it as a way to practice getting a full combo on the song.

As a general rule of thumb, you should try to full combos all of the songs you own before you unlock any more to keep honing your skills.

By the way, you may have noticed that there is a weapon shop. You can spend coins here or watch advertisements to unlock new weapon skins for your runner.

Unless you really care about cosmetics, we recommend not wasting your coins on these skins. They do not provide you with any bonuses of the sort, so your starting saber is as good as it is going to get. You are better off spending those coins on new songs!

Dealing with Tricky Blocks

On the harder difficulty songs, you will notice that some songs use the same patterns to lay out tricky sections of the song.

One of the most common patterns you will see is “ascending” sets of blocks. This means that the blocks are packed tightly together but the move across the track, like a diagonal line. These patterns are usually used for parts of the song that ramp up in intensity quickly.

To deal with these patterns, you will need to move quickly along the pattern to hit all of the blocks in time. Slide your finger along the screen with the music – not too fast, not too slow, and you should be able to hit them just fine.

Another common pattern you will come across lot are the stacked blocks. These are two blocks that are pretty much right next to each other. You will need to split them right down the middle by attacking the center of the two blocks.

If you are accurate enough, you will hit both blocks at the same time. If you off center by just a little bit, you may end up missing one of the blocks. Quickly correct your positioning to hit the rest of the blocks!

That’s all for Beat Blade: Dash Dance! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Beat Blade: Dash Dance Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get High Scores

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