It’s a nice, warm summer day at the beach. You’re dozing off to the relaxing sound of the gentle waves… when all of a sudden, you feel a tremor. Then, those waves aren’t so calm anymore. With a thunderous roar, the ocean splits apart and a colossus arises from the sea.

The Ancients AR is the brainchild of Jakub Różalski, a renowned artist who specializes in high fantasy concept art. Combining awesome creature design and real-time strategy gameplay, The Ancients AR has you commanding a fleet of warships. Take them into battle with the Ancients in fierce, strategic combat!

The Ancients AR takes place in a world where three island kingdoms are engaged in a constant, never-ending war. Players will choose a kingdom to side with and battle it out to take down each other’s Ancients.

You’ll be able to summon and command your own Ancient once you’ve proven yourself worthy. Ancients can command the elements, allowing them to throw fireballs, call down lightning bolts, blow icy winds, and even summon dragons to aid them in battle!

As the name suggests, The Ancients AR is also playable in a fantastic augmented reality mode, where the game and the Ancients come to life! Check out the Ancients in full detail using the AR mode, and watch your fleets fight them in epic combat! The Ancients AR will be one of the first real-time strategy games developed for ARKit.

The Ancients AR is now available for pre-order for $2.99 on the iOS App Store.

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