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Basketball Showdown: Royale Tips, Cheats & Guide to Keep Winning

Basketball Showdown: Royale Tips, Cheats & Guide to Keep Winning

Anybody feel the need of a battle-royale type of basketball game? If so, Basketball Showdown: Royale is your best bet – it’s fast, addictive and extremely well done. And today we’re here to help you get better at it with some Basketball Showdown: Royale tips and tricks in our complete guide to the game.

Things are pretty much straightforward in Basketball Showdown: Royale. You compete against 49 other players (most of them real people) and try to score as many baskets as possible. You have various boosts and power-ups available to improve your chances of winning, but it’s mostly a skill based game.

We’re still going to provide as much help as possible and you’ll see that, after following our Basketball Showdown: Royale tips and tricks below, you will start doing a lot better in the game!

Take your time to play Seasons

In the game’s Season mode, you will play against a single AI-controlled opponent in a championship-type of game. These usually take a long time to complete and the rewards for winning a season are not that impressive, but the game mode itself is really useful early on.

If you just started to play or if you don’t really manage to get good results in the Battle Royale mode, playing Season matches is the way to go. The pace and pressure are lower here, giving you a chance to experiment and improve your shooting, which in turn will help you in the versus modes.

Plus, the fact that these matches are so easy to win will give you a massive confidence boost and increase the overall enjoyment of the game.

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Lock in your shooting position in the Battle Royale mode

When playing the game against other players, each made shot will result in your shooting position changing on the field. This makes it a bit confusing and a bit more difficult to ain and score – at least in my opinion.

I also have the feeling that you lose a bit more time if you let the game switch positions, which is never a good thing.

Fortunately, Basketball Showdown Royale allows you to simply lock in your position. This helps not only because you will not have to shoot from random places after scoring, but also because you can lock in a position you’re most comfortable shooting from and therefore scoring more.

In order to lock your position, simply tap the button in the lower left corner, showing you a basketball court with a lock icon over it. If you no longer want that, simply tap the button again. It’s that simple!

Place your device on a desk for improved aiming

If you shoot any other way than straight, you will miss the basket. And on the smallish screen of an iPhone (even on an iPad), it’s very easy for your finger to move slightly to the sides when swiping up.

I found it to be a lot easier – and shots much faster – if I just place the device on a flat surface (like desk or table) and take the shots with the index finger instead of the thumb. This gives you bettr accuracy, even though it looks a bit strange.

Use a better basketball

You can and should upgrade your basketball in order to increase its accuracy and/or heat. Usually, you will have basketballs that offer more of one than the other. And the game has a very strange way of showing you these two stats, but you will get used to it.

You have to look at the colored stars in order to see how many each category has, even though in one case, the stars get colored from right to left and in the other, from left to right.

Now, which ball should you choose? One with better accuracy but lower heat or one with higher heat and lower accuracy?

If you have a really steady hand, choosing the latter (faster heat) is the best option. In my case, I found out that I do better with a 4 star accuracy ball with 2 stars in heat. Sure, it takes a bit to get that heat meter activated, but you’re also scoring constantly, which keeps the heat going after enabling it.

With high heat balls, even though I activate the heat meter faster, I also miss more often, generally ranking lower.

Remember, when your ball is on fire, you receive two points for each basket scored (instead of one). But if you miss, the heat meter resets and you will have to score a number of baskets before you get your ball on fire again.

Invest your money in facility upgrades

Apart from getting new balls, buying upgrades to the facility is the place to invest your hard earned cash in. And you have 4 areas available, with a fifth unlocked once you max out the previous 4.

All of these upgrades are obviously useful, but I consider the Coaching and Trainers ones the best to invest in first, since they give you a chance to keep your Heat after missing a shot, and increase the amount of looting time respectively.

Score the loot baskets!

When in a game, every now and then, the loot basket will be activated. Scoring that shot is extremely important, as it will grant you a random – but important – bonus, ranging from some extra money to a sure-hit shot, extra points and more.

Keep an eye on the loot shot indicator on the right and make sure you score that basket as soon as it activates. You won’t have a lot of time, so timing your shots to do it is something you must consider.

Play without sound

This might sound like a strange recommendation, but I actually found it to work well in my case. Playing without sound lets you focus on scoring baskets and won’t put extra pressure on you when time is about to run out. Just give it a try and you will surely see an improvement in your play style and number of baskets scored!

Join an active club

Being part of an active club means that you will collect all the Club Mission rewards regularly, which will give you enough money to invest in upgrades and new balls.

So spend some time searching for that active club and if you end up in one where players are not as active as you’d like them to be, don’t be afraid to leave and search for a better one. It will help tremendously, especially early on in the game.

Practice makes perfect

Despite all the things that I have mentioned above, Basketball Showdown Royale is a game where your own skill is what matters the most.

And you can’t get better unless you practice a lot. Try to take your time early on and see how to launch the ball in order to shoot and score, and perfect that movement. You won’t be a pro instantly, but if you don’t try and practice a lot, you won’t get better either.

It’s all about the movement of your finger, really: try to keep it as smooth, steady and straight as possible and you will become a scoring machine!

These would be our Basketball Showdown: Royale guide. If you have additional tips and tricks to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Basketball Showdown: Royale Tips, Cheats & Guide to Keep Winning


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