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Baseball Nine Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Baseball Nine Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Enjoy fast-paced baseball games in Baseball Nine! Featuring simple art design, quick play methods for on-the-go gaming, and a full fledged team building mode, Baseball Nine is the ultimate baseball game for pros and beginners alike. Our Baseball 9 cheats and tips will show you how to build a great team and play through the matches like a pro!

Baseball Nine can be enjoyed casually with its quick play function, or seriously with its surprisingly in-depth gameplay mechanics. Either way, the game is built for everyone, and we’re here to help everyone succeed with our Baseball 9 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the Missions and Achievements!

The best way to earn more Recruit Tickets to get more players for your team is through the Missions and Achievements. Missions are a set of daily missions that cycle out once the day is over.

While none of the missions directly reward you with tickets, they DO offer gems as a reward, and you can use those to buy Recruit Tickets.

Achievements are the milestone missions. These missions never change and can be completed at any time. Unlike the missions, achievements offer Recruit Tickets as a direct reward, so try to complete as many as you can.

Watch your players’ conditions!

If you look at a player’s info box, you’ll see a little happy face icon. This is their condition, and it’s a general representation of their performance.

As players participate in games, their condition will slowly worsen as they get tired. You’ll see that the happy face starts to turn into a frown, and their stats will begin to suffer.

Further use of the same player will result in a big condition drop, and their stats will take a severe hit.

Try not to let any of your players get to this point! If you see that one of them is starting to get tired, substitute one of your extra players in, or you can use a Condition Drink to get them back to max condition right away.

Use your Stamina for Quick Results!

Before you start a league game, you’ll notice that there’s a button to the left of the Play Ball button that says “Quick Result”. Quick Result will instantly play through a whole game for you at the cost of two stamina. You’ll earn the same amount of experience, get the same amount of rewards, so there’s no downside to it.

Before you start playing normal games, you should expend all of your stamina on Quick Results. You don’t need any stamina at all to play through a match normally, so there’s no reason to hold onto your stamina.

Always go for Power Hits!

When it’s your turn to bat, you’re going to want to get used to Power Hits. Selecting the Power Hit option decreases the size of the ball’s bounding box dramatically, making it much harder to land hits.

However, if you do land a successful hit, you’ll hit the ball much farther than normal. Ideally you’ll want to practice at this until Power Hits become the default selection for you.

Throw tricky pitches!

Just like batting, you can set your pitches to different strengths, each with their own pros and cons. The most important thing when it comes to pitching though is staying unpredictable.

Remember that you can control the directory of your pitch up to the point where the ball leaves your hand, so don’t throw in the same place over and over again.

That’s all for Baseball Nine! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Baseball Nine Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


    • Go to League, get ready to start a game, but on the next screen right before starting it, click Condition at the top and you can use drinks. Took me 15 minutes of staring at every menu to figure it out. What I can’t figure out is how to get Condition back up without a drink. Got a guy on the bench for 4 games now and he’s been yellow the whole time.

      • If he’s orange or red he’ll go up quicker by benching him. I’ve benched a guy at orange and he went up after 2-3 games to yellow. Yellow seems to take a while

      • Make sure you are recruiting batters. Also make sure to boost their Batting Eye rating, as that helps you to see the pitch before it actually arrives. Part of the reason its so hard to get a hit with a non-recruited player is that their Batting Eye rating is so low, so its hard to see where the pitch is, and you’re basically taking an estimated guess at where it is.

        I have 8 hitters and 3 starter / 3 relief pitchers. I found that having 4 good contact and 4 good power hitters, and alternating between contact and power hitters like contact – power – contact – power etc, has been a pretty good method of success. I’m averaging just over 22 runs even in the Master league.

    • You can buy it from the item screen in the shop for 500 gems. However I did this and it did not increase anything. But for missions/accomplishments gives you 5 skill tokens for doing so. Also if you look at increasing the max stamina is only allowed to be purchased a limited number of times. Hope this helps.

  1. Now that I figured out how to use the condition drinks how do you use the Experience drinks that you get when you win the games can’t figure it out please help

    • Go to upgrade on display screen, pick a player. There should be a plus sign next to the player’s level. Click on it and you’ll see the drinks.

    • Go to upgrade on display screen, pick a player. There should be a plus sign next to the player’s level. Click on it and you’ll see the drinks.

  2. I’m still waiting on an answer as to how to use the experience drinks please help me out I’m in dire need to further Advance my players inexperience

    • At home page, click on upgrade button. New screen right side four boxes each has a plus sign + beside them. Box that says something like level or player level, click the plus button. Should see bottles there that will level you up and add attributes to your player. Hope that helps.

    • Go to upgrade on display screen, pick a player. There should be a plus sign next to the player’s level. Click on it and you’ll see the drinks.

  3. How about breezing through a game using stamina (quick results)? Does it guarantee a win? Or is it just like auto play? I have a perfect record and don’t want to jeopardize that. TIA!

    • I know this comment is old, but Ill say it for everyone else. Autoplaying a whole game, even with superior recruited players, wont guarantee anything. I’ve actually noticed that it seems like I will lose 75% of games I auto-play, as compared to the 72-0 record I have right now in the Master league from just using Autoplay when I’m pitching

  4. Using quick results will not yeild the same amount of experience. Experience is proformance based and you can proform significantly better in manual play. Rewards are also not the same has you get 2,000 coins per game for manual play. But most importantly, what is the point of playing the game if you aren’t actually playing the game?

    There is no reason to ever sit out a main player in favor of a weaker bench player. The the loss in stats for a tiring playing is far less than the loss in stats of a player who is weak to begin with. Just play your main players till you get the notification that condition needs to improve then use a condition drink. You can not possibly ever run out of condition drinks if you do this.

    I am currently in my 3 and final master league season with a record of 91-0 a team ERA of 0.54 a team BA of .499 and 668 runs scored so far for the season. Overall, through 8 completed seasons I am 8 for 8 in both league and post season championships with an over all record of 769-8-1 team ERA of 1.35 BA of .473 with 3108 HR’s and 11623 Runs scored (that’s 15 runs per game average, try doing that in quick play). I have also never spent 1 penny on the game, so pretty sure I know what I am talking about.

    • Hey Vinny, my team is similar to yours. I am in Pro 1 league, 5 for 5 for league wins and championship wins. Team avg 437, ERA .42 RUNS 4647 HRS 1692. Overall 335-7-0. I bought the daily package when I first started but haven’t spent any money since. All my losses were through quick play which is pointless. Like you said what’s the point if your are not going to actually play. But I bought the full stamina recharge for 500 gems and nothing happened what did I do wrong? Also I have gotten the new accomplishment of perfect game and no hits no runs. I just cant seem to figure out what a no hitter would consist of to the game. Because I am American so what they are calling “no hits, no runs” is technically what I would call a no hitter. You seem to be ahead of me in the game but I think we have the same ideas when it comes to actually playing so I am okay with admitting I do not have all the answers and look forward to hearing your responses. As well maybe you can let me know if the game gets harder in the master league I’m kind of tired of winning every game by a large margin.

      • I am currently level 2 legends league now. The pitching starts to get a little better the ball moves more but I still win easily every game, I never lost a game in the master league and haven’t lost one in the legends either. I have never bought the stamina recharge because I have never used stamina so can’t comment.

        I agree on the perfect game, to me of you get the perfect game you should so be awarded the other two, but the game considers them things. Thr no hits no runs is exactly what it sounds like, so the regular no-hitter is a no-hitter where you give up a run. For example you walk a couple guys and give up a couple fly balls and the guy from second scores without a hit. I realize that is completely stupid as a stand alone achievement but all I can do is answer your question lol.

        • Also just to update you my career numbers are now 1385-8-1, .469 BA, 1.09 Team ERA, 22494 Runs scored, 8735 HR’s.

          So as I have advanced to higher leagues my ERA had gone down (it’s been under 1 every season since my last update) my runs per game is up to 16.1 (was over 20 a game every master league season, slightly down in legends, but not enough to matter)

          I also am averaging 6.2 HR per game career which is a lot since I didn’t him many the first few seasons. My best offencive year was level 2 champions league. I scored 2578 runs and hit 1441 HR’s. That’s 20.4 runs a game and 11.4 HR per game. Every player on my team averaged at least 1 HR per game and one player hit 204 in 126 games.

          So that should give you an idea of how much “harder” it’s gets.

          • Hey it’s me again. I cant believe I found this page and our comments from before as I didn’t save it. Thanks for the update. And to update you I got the perfect game/ no hitter /no hits no runs achievements eventually. I’m currently just about to finish up Master 1 level. I’m 8 for 8 for league wins and championships. Did you see they added a new Exp drink above super? But I don’t know how to get it as it’s not available to buy on the items screen And apparently there is also an exchange tab that appears at team level 30 which I just noticed recently at team level 35. It’s not great as it’s only options are 5 silver badges for 1 gold badge 5 Recruit tickets for 150 gems and the only good one is 40 stamina for 30k coins.
            Just as an update heres my stats as of today. And just as a side note all my losses are from quick results as 126 game season can take a while. 731-23-1 overall. BA .442 ERA .63 HR 3708 Runs10188 Strikeouts8440. I also wanted to ask if you have any Platinum or Diamond players. I recently just got a Platinum player to go with 5 gold 11 Silver 2 bronze.

  5. Also, you can’t throw your pitches at different strengths, you can just throw different pitches. Pitches will have different ratings, but this is not something you can control during an individual game. You also don’t have to be tricky. I literally throw a slider to the up and in corner of every right handed hitter 100% of the time and a two seam fast ball to the up and in corner of every left handed hitter 100% of the time. The stats above seem to suggest that strategy works well.

  6. 3 cheats: 1) use your coins to buy exp drinks and upgrade your players. 2)use your gems to buy recruits tickets. 3) instead of using power all the time try hit with contact and steal at the same time with players in first base. Try to hit ground balls to either side as both 2nd base man and shortstop run over to cover second base they leave Huge hole on the field.

  7. I have 8 hitters and 3 starter / 3 relief pitchers. I found that having 4 good contact and 4 good power hitters, and alternating between contact and power hitters like contact – power – contact – power etc, has been a pretty good method of success. I’m averaging just over 22 runs even in the Master league, and am currently at 72-0.

    It should be noted though that I haven’t auto-played any full games (just use it when I’m pitching), so I can actually rack up runs myself, since the computer is generally pretty bad at it. I’ve also spent about $15 so far on gems, and though that might seem like a lot, compared to how many hours I’ve spent enjoying the game, it seems like only a fair price.

    • There has been an update to the game. You now get a Platinum Badge for it. I felt the same way as you when I first threw one, I mean no award except some extra coins at the end of the game.

  8. If you are looking to cheat it’s pretty easy to do. Any time you close the app it reverts to the beginning of the inning you were in. So if you give up 3 runs in the 3rd inning, close and open the app again and you can just replay the inning till you don’t give up any runs. To me, that takes all the fun out of the game, but if you want to cheat that’s how you do it.

  9. Someone has tips on how to hit the ball from pitcher of 78+ overall? Even if I have good hitters of 80-90+ on contact and batting eye, it’s so hard. I have no fun, I’m about to quit that game because of that.

    • I converted all my contact hitters to power hitters because my power hitters were hitting for higher averages. Reason being the outfield plays too shallow so with power hits you are far more likely to at least hit it over their head for a double. Contact hitters connect, but they are more likely to fly out or ground out. Also, as you increase contact rating, the contact circle becomes so large that you are hitting the ball but making terrible contact.

    • Skill tokens are used to upgrade skills that you add to a player.

      Homepage > Upgrade > Select Player then click on the selected skills or empty skill slot > select a skill and then on the right bottom you will see “upgrade” which uses skill tokens as upgrade materials

    • Stamina is used for “Quick Result”.

      Once you click “Ready”, you will get 2 options. Either go for “Quick Result” which will cost 2 stamina or choose “Play” which the the manual play and no stamina is required

    • That depends whether your player is a right handed or left handed batter. you can change that for individual player by going into customize from the homescreen

  10. Your switch hitter changes depending on what hand the pitcher your batting against uses. You will bat Right against Lefty’s and bat Left against a Right handed pitcher. Hope this helps.

  11. Just completed the 128th game of Champion League (Champion lll)

    CF – Diamond tier
    C, 1B – Platinum Tier
    LF, SS, 2B – Gold Tier
    3B, RF – Silver Tier

    Have backup Bronze Tier players for all the positions.

    6 SP – 1 platinum, 2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze – i did a mistake of recruiting an extra pitcher for backup which is really not required. Instead go for RP

    6 RP – 1 silver, 5 bronze

    2 CP – 1 silver, 1 bronze

    My only suggestion for the game would have been to provide higher tier players for recruit as we move up the league. Also after a point of time, you just have recruit tickets lying around. There should have been a provision to sell them and get gems or coin

  12. After a “nice pitch” or “perfect pitch” there’s the pitch name and like a +5 or +10 under it. What did this mean? I can’t find that info anywhere!


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