Home Game Guides Baseball Boy! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Hit Harder & Unlock All Bats

Baseball Boy! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Hit Harder & Unlock All Bats

Baseball Boy! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Hit Harder & Unlock All Bats

Baseball Boy! by VooDoo is a really cute and extremely addictive mobile game that everybody seems to be playing nowadays. With a simple, one-tap gaming mechanic, but with that “impossible to put down” vibe, this game will have you try to send the ball farther and farther and farther with each new try. And we’re here to help!

Even though everything in this game is pretty much obvious and your skill (or luck) matter the most when it comes to hitting that high score and breaking your record distance, we’re here to share some Baseball Boy! cheats and tips: a complete strategy guide to get the most out of the game, unlock all bats and hit record distances.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Baseball Boy! cheats and tips below!

The bat you’re using doesn’t matter
Just because there’s a ton of bats available for you to unlock, it doesn’t mean (unfortunately) that they make any difference when hitting the ball. The challenge remains to hit the ball at the right time, from the right angle in order to get a super distance covered.

Update: After extensive hours of playing and testing, I realized that the bat you’re using actually matters! We’ve played without buying any extra upgrades and used various bats. We found out that hitting a perfect strike with the first bat will see the ball travel a lot less than hitting a similar perfect strike with a newer bat. So ALWAYS use the latest bat you have unlocked!

Play the game offline
If you don’t like the ads and you don’t want to pay the small fee to have them removed from the game, you can always activate Airplane mode on your device to turn WiFi off. This will still let you play the game, but there will be no ads to bug you.

On the other hand, you won’t have the option to watch ads in order to double your earnings and any free upgrade offers that you might be getting won’t be available either. You should also have in mind that it’s these ads that help the game’s developers to pay for their bills, so if you enjoy playing the game you should consider leaving them on.

Flawless hits are the secret
If you really want to reach maximum distance, the easiest way is to hit a home run. In Baseball Boy, a home run happens when you manage to hit the ball when the arrow is right in the middle of the meter, on the dark red area.

If you manage to hit exactly at the middle, your ball will travel as far as possible. The best part? You won’t have houses or trees or even cars to worry about!

Double your offline income and top hits
The best way to make a lot of money fast is to double your earnings by watching an ad. You get the best value for this when returning to the game after a longer time spent offline (as your game generates earnings when you are offline), but you can also do this when you hit a nice strike and your ball travels a long distance.

The time lapse cheat
If you want to cheat a bit and earn some quick money for your upgrades, you can do the time lapse cheat on your device. Here is what you need to do:

First, force quit the game (after upgrading your offline earnings as much as possible), then turn off your WiFi by activating airplane mode or simply disabling it. Then, go to your device’s settings and change the date and time a few hours into the future. Get back to the game, collect the offline earnings, rinse and repeat.

This does give you the chance to cheat at Baseball Boy and progress a lot faster, but it also takes away the fun of the game. Up for you to decide if it’s worth doing it or not.

These would be our Baseball Boy! tips and tricks. Everything else is up for you now. But if you do have more suggestions for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Baseball Boy! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Hit Harder & Unlock All Bats


  1. The type of bat you use also multiplies your earnings. For example, the first bat is 1x. You hit a thousand yards, you earn $1000. Next bat is 1.1x and so on.

  2. Perfect hits do not always mean farther, I have achieve my longest distances by being just a little left or right of perfect. Perfect shots have a tendency to strike cars, light poles and other objects. I hit 5 perfect shots in a row and averaged 10,000 meters at most.

  3. If you strike to the LEFT, when the ball is rolling, as it hits the lip at the start of the blue field(river?) it will bounce up and make some serious air. On the RIGHT it always rebounds and kills your hit. Don’t listen to Beyoncé, it’s “to the left, to the left”!

  4. So the most I’ve gotten was 4,486,000m with it landing. I’ve maxed the game out I think. I’ve gotten 8,635,000 before it starts sending me back down and the meter stops there. Once I get near the bottom (and this takes up to 15 minutes) it sends me back to the start with no advancement and no moneys.

  5. My hits used to cruise, now my game is going crazy fast, can’t even enjoy seeing where the ball might land, what happened to the chill mode?

  6. Strength 70, Speed 69, Bounciness 69. Farthest hit so far is 164987. Trying to get to 167000. Not easy. I am using the latest bat and ball (moon).
    Question, does it matter what character you use?

    • Does buying players/balls make a difference as like the different bats obviously do? I would assume yes since it’s the only things that cost diamonds. But would like some verification since each upgrade step makes a minute difference it’s really hard to tell, unless you were to go from the first batter available to the very last we’re a difference, if any, would be drastic. If anyone has done this can you please let me know! Thanks

  7. Trick is simple.
    Make perfect hits, than you will receive either diamonds or money untill the ball hits the wall for the first time. If you hit the most perfect hit, you will receive these prices untill the ball hits the ground for the first time. So you will get a lot of prices!
    Off course we are only interested in the money, so we can make more upgrades in our level. And with a higher level your ball gets further and further.
    So hit perfect hit, get money untill the ball hits the wall or ground for the first time THAN leave the game, don’t wait for the ball to end the game. Directly go out and get back in, that takes about 15 seconds. In my case the ball otherwise flies about 2 minutes until it ends. And you don’t want to wait for the money you get for your distance.
    1.5 – 2.5 BILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With a super perfect hit about 10 Billion!!!!



  8. That’s what I do. If I don’t hit a perfect I double click on the big button get rid of that game and immediately start a new one until you hit a perfect. So far I have 7 perfects in a row without a reset. You make way more money when the ball is in the air after a perfect hit than you do at the end. This game kept me from flipping out on an airplane from being claustrophobic. Baseball boy kept my mind off of that and passed the time quick. My 10 year old grandson downloaded the game on my I phone. I never paid attention to it until I got on that plane. I just happened to see it while I was looking for something to pass the time and keep me calm on the flight. That game literally saved my life Lol. I’m still playing it. I started from level one about two months ago now I’m up to level 113 and counting. It’s a great fun time passing game. I give it a 9+


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