Bark Park Guide: Tips & Cheats To Claiming The Park

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It is time to hit the park and enjoy the day as a dog! There is nothing like a bright and beautiful sunny day to enjoy a nice walk in the park… until some other dogs come and try to claim your territory! Bark Park is a hilariously fun competitive multiplayer game where you compete with other players in online battles to see who can mark the most territory in the park!

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In our Bark Park tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the main gameplay mode, how to unlock more stuff, and how to utilize the power ups to their full potential. Let’s jump right into it with our Bark Park cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to claiming the park!

Claiming Your First Park

When a match starts in Bark Park, you will be pitted against three other dogs. Check with position you start in, then dash to the water fountain. Tap the drink button as fast as you can to fill up, then start sprinting around claiming trees.

Do not forget about the little minigame that pops up when you are… “watering” a tree. The little notch will bounce back and forth, and if you can tap the screen as it is in the red box, you will speed up the watering process. This can save valuable time and get you away from dogs that are looking to use their power ups on you!

Once you are out of water, go back to the fountain and fill up again. Now, you have to decide if you want to try to claim as many trees as possible or if you want to protect what you already have.

You should know how Bark Park’s scoring system works before you decide. You earn points whenever you successfully ward off other dogs using your bark or other power ups, and you also get points for claiming a tree. At the end of the match, any trees left that are still in your possession nets you 6 points per tree.

So yes, while the trees you have at the end of a match are very important, what you do during the match is equally as important. Play aggressively and do not stop trying to take trees or fending off other dogs, and you should be the winner of your first match!

Power Ups Guide

Very often you will see pink boxes with an exclamation mark spawn somewhere on the map. They are usually off to the side so you need to go out of your way to grab them but it is worth it – these power ups are very helpful! Here we will go over all of them and how to use them effectively.

Bark is the most basic power up and the one you always have access to. Barking will alert all nearby dogs and force them to run away. Bark has a 15 second cooldown, so do not be afraid to use it liberally. You can force dogs away from your tree, but our favorite use is to nail dogs that are trying to refill at the water fountain to be extra annoying!

Poo is a common power up you will see. Pooing will drop a stinky turd at your location, and any dog that gets within the indicated radius will be forced to stop and smell the poo. Use this to deny areas of the park to other dogs temporarily. Have a tree that is constantly under attack? Drop a turd on it and watch the dogs stay away!

Parasite is a rather nasty power up. When used, your dog will emit a foul-looking cloud. Any nearby dogs will be affected with your parasite, and whenever they try to claim a tree, they will claim it for you instead! If you are infected with a parasite (as indicated by the green veins along the screen), you will need to expend one full water tank to get rid of it. Spread out your water to avoid giving a tree to the other dog!

Big Bladder is pretty simple, as it just temporarily doubles the amount of water you can hold. You can claim lots of trees quickly with this power up!

Ghost renders your dog invisible. Your dog is immune to barks for 20 seconds, so use this time to claim whatever tree you want.

Pee Bark is a particularly powerful bark that causes all affected dogs to empty out their bladder on the spot. Try to hit as many dogs as you can with this to force them all back to the fountain!

Zoomies increases your dog’s speed. They will move faster, pee faster, and drink faster for 10 seconds! Gotta go fast!

Super Bark is an extremely powerful bark. After a few seconds of charging, your dog will unleash a supercharged bark that covers a massive area and forces other dogs to run away for longer. Try to gather near the other dogs on purpose so that you can scare ’em away!

Super Poo is an extremely powerful… poop! Instead of attracting dogs to it, the Super Poo is so foul is forces any dogs who get too close away. It can also claim trees for you if you drop them next to a tree.

Reset Tree will strike the nearest tree to you with a mighty bolt of thunder, causing it to reset back to a neutral tree. You can use this to deny points from a particular dog and steal them for yourself!

Level Up The Bark Park

Every time you win a match, you will be awarded with coins and bones. You can use the coins to purchase fun new hats and outfits for your dogs, or you can spend it on upgrading the park. The park will reward you with various goodies for leveling it up. For example, the first level up costs 100 coins, and it will reward you with a baseball cap.

That is not all! The next park level up will give it a permanent experience boost, meaning that all future matches played on the Bark Park will grant you additional experience points. Later on, you will eventually be able to unlock the pro area which has its own separate upgrades as well.

Advanced Tips

When you are capturing a tree, keep an eye on the circle beneath the tree. As you claim it, it will fill up with your color. When it is full, the tree is yours. Normally, when you are trying to capture a tree that is already claimed, you have to fill up the circle just like normal.

However, there is a small trick to this. You probably have noticed that even when a tree is already yours, you can still claim it, but when the circle fills up all the way nothing happens. Instead of filling the circle up all the way, fill it so that it is almost full then step away from the tree.

This trick requires some good timing, but it is really helpful. Before any other dog can capture your tree, they must empty out the circle before it begins to fill up with their color. This means that they essentially have to fill TWO circles before they can claim their tree for their own!

Using your poo wisely is important too. You can drop it on your trees to protect them from other dogs, but you can also drop them near the fountain to be extra evil! You can block off lots of important areas with poo, so use it wisely.

Complete Challenges

Bark Park features daily challenges that reward you with coins and bones. However, before you can do them, you must manually claim the challenge. Be ready once you do so though – you only have twenty minutes to complete the challenges once you activate them.

Successfully completing the challenges will reward you with loads of coins and a few bones to work with, so before you hop into the game be sure to accept the current challenge from the main menu!

That’s all for Bark Park! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let su know in the comments below!

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Bark Park Guide: Tips & Cheats To Claiming The Park

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