The platform/puzzle game Badland is going to receive yet another update in time for Halloween. This new update is somewhat unexpected, considering Badland has just been updated only a month ago.

The new Halloween update will allow gamers to receive a special Halloween theme in addition to an all new multiplayer level and four new multiplayer characters. The update is available for free and i’s the perfect occasion to check out the game if you haven’t already.

Badland is a great looking game, one of the best looking iOS games. The gameplay experience, unfortunately, is not as stunning, with too many gameplay elements that make the game lack a real identity. The endless runner games’ elements also make it feel like you have no idea if whatever is happening on the screen is happening because of you or because the game is on auto-pilot.

In Badland you take control of a blob. You can make the blob go higher or fall back down to the ground by touching the screen. The blob will also constantly move from left to right, getting some strange pills on the way that will alter the blob’s size and features.

Despite the shallow gameplay elments, it’s an interesting experience and some gamers will definitely like it.

Badland is now available for purchase on the App Store. The Halloween update is also available for free. You can check out a video for the contents of the update right below.

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