Ayakashi: Romance Reborn Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all the Ayakashi: Romance Reborn tips and cheats that we gathered so far to help you pass all the stages and learn everything there is to know about the characters!

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If you like interactive visual novels and well animated anime style characters, then you have found yourself a pretty good game, because I know for sure that it kept me busy for hours (the story is pretty entertaining)!

So, are you ready to learn all the Ayakashi: Romance Reborn tips and tricks? Then let’s dive right into them!

Play through the stages to unlock the game’s features

You will have to play a little bit into the game’s stages for start in order to unlock pretty much all of the game’s features. This will not be very difficult, as you will have indications and pretty much help all throughout this.

Just enjoy the story for now, and once you are finished with the Prologue, you will unlock pretty much everything there is important in the game – all of its features. There is no other way to do this quicker, but you can also press the “skip” button if you are not in it for the story!

Press “Skip” if you don’t want to read!

Now if you don’t want to read the complete story, or even a short story, there is always going to be the option to skip it. You can do so by heading off in the top right corner and pressing on the pink arrows, which will open a slide menu.

Tap on the “skip” button and that is going to skip the whole section of the story altogether! However, if you are playing this game you aren’t really playing to skip the story, because you might miss something! Either way, if you still want to do it, that’s how!

Complete your Training Missions!

These Training Missions will give you a total of 90 Diamonds and 1 guaranteed SR draw, so make sure you try to complete them all as soon as possible. The missions are pretty easy overall, so the rewards can come within a few minutes – hours of playing, depending on what’s your pace.

I suggest doing these, because you will greatly benefit from the SR draw and also, from the 90 Diamonds which you can then use to get more Draws.

Complete the Story Mode

In the Story Mode you will have a total of 4 main parts, each having several episodes (and some even books – chapters). The Story Mode will walk you through basically the narrative of the game, and will be mostly text.

You can unlock the Episodes by collecting Main Story Keys. These Main Story Keys will be given to you as reward for simply leveling up your profile. You will have quite a lot of Episodes to play through, so you can imagine that these will require a lot of Main Story keys.

As of writing this article, in the game there is only Prologue and Dawn chapters unlocked, with Twilight coming this Fall and Night still being unannounced.

The Dawn Chapter has 45 Episodes, which – you guessed it – require 45 Main Story Keys to unlock! It’s going to be a grind, but I’m pretty sure that if you play daily and keep a somewhat constant pace in the game, you will unlock them all!

Go on Patrol! Get EXP and Gems!

In my opinion going on Patrol will be your main source of EXP. All you have to do here is basically select the area you want to patrol, and then get on it! You will have to assemble a few characters to send together, but I really suggest that you go for the “Optimize” button because that will help you – a lot!

Whenever you go on patrol, you will see on the top left corner of the screen how many turns you have left. You will also notice on the top left side a “Fever” meter, which increases constantly depending on which path you choose.

Basically you will have a ball which you can drag either to the left or right of the screen. You can also select left or right by tapping on the portrait with a border. Now about this portrait and border, let’s get into more details:

– The border will signify that you will get at least 1 Gem of that color (red, blue or greed), depending on which color the border is.

– Your Fever meter will increase by 2% when you select any card which doesn’t have a “Partner” tag on it.

– Your Fever meter will increase by 5% when you select the “Partner” card.

– From Patrols you will get Gems, and sometimes that character’s card (N).

– When you complete Patrol you can encounter either citizens or Wraiths. The Citizens will give extra Gifts as rewards!

Replay Patrol levels to complete all Missions

Basically whenever you complete a Patrol, you will see three cups for each of the Patrol stages. These cups represent Missions, and whenever you complete one of these missions you will get Diamonds.

Sometimes the Missions require you to collect a certain amount of Gems and whatnot, so make sure you always try to keep these mission tasks in mind whenever you complete a stage.

Another thing you will benefit from completing Patrol Missions is Diamonds! For every Mission you complete you will get Diamonds! It’s another way to collect Diamonds, so keep it in mind!

A little tip here: You can tap on the “Refresh” button (it literally looks like a refresh button) to switch between text view and Missions completed in a stage. It will basically show you exactly which stages you will still have to re-play to fulfill the Missions.

Complete your Training Missions ASAP!

Completing these missions will not only give you Diamonds and SR draw, but once completed they will unlock a whole new set of missions!

When you complete the Training Missions you will get the rewards, and now instead of the missions will appear Daily Missions and Special Diviner Missions. The Daily Missions will give rewards every day for completing various tasks, while the Special Diviner Missions will give rewards for completing a little more complicated tasks.

Nonetheless, they are all fairly easy so make sure you do them all (especially the Daily ones!). Another thing that you unlock once you complete all the Training Missions are the Events! Keep an eye for these!

Always save your Diamonds!

If you are a free player, you should always make sure that you save up your Free Diamonds, because you can use them for Draw. Simply head over to Draw, and in the Diamond tab you can select either to draw 10 or 1. The 10 Draw costs 250 Diamonds, and 1 Draw costs 25 Diamonds.

Make sure you save for the 10, because it’s worth it if you consider that you get a guaranteed SR, while with the 1 draw you can draw 10 times in a row and not get any SR.

Increase your bonding with the selected character!

On your Home Screen you can select any character that you want. Whenever you increase in Bonding with them, you will gain various rewards, such as chats and books.

In order to slightly increase this, you can tap several times in a row on the character you have on your home screen!

It’s little, but any little Bonding helps! (if I am not mistaken you can increase bonding by tapping on the character up to 3 times per day – correct me if I am wrong)

These would be all of our Ayakashi: Romance Reborn tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other useful and cool tips about the game? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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Ayakashi: Romance Reborn Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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