It’s time to raise your own axolotl in Axolochi! Axolochis are adorable little aquatic creatures that originate from Mexico. Feed your axolochi, pet and love it, and clean it to make sure it grows up into a happy and healthy axolochi! Our Axolochi cheats and tips will show you how to raise the ultimate axolochi!

Axolochis are just like any other virtual pet – they need constant love and attention, so we hope you’re up to the task! Let’s get started with our Axolochi cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Fill up all of the your Axolochi’s needs!

When you perform a task for your axolochi, whether that’s feeding or petting it, the corresponding bubble at the bottom of the screen will fill up. As it fills up, your axolochi gains experience points, but once the bubble fills all the way, your axolochi won’t want to do that activity anymore.

Bubbles will degrade over time, meaning that you can earn experience points after a certain amount of time has passed. After you’ve made your axolochi completely happy, wait a couple of minutes before you come back. You should be able to earn more experience points then.

Check in every day for pearls!

Pearls are the premium currency of the game, and the game will give you some for free every time you log into the game for the first time. You can spend your precious pearls on new hats for your axolochi. The happiest axolochis are always the ones with the coolest hats!

Play some minigames for extra coins!

Need some more coins? You can play some silly and simple minigames by tapping the controller button at the top of the screen. These minigames are fairly simple and when you play enough of them, you’ll earn a coin.

You can play these minigames for as long as you like, so if you have some downtime waiting for your axolochi to recover, then the minigames are a great way to pass the time!

Discover new treasure!

By paying a small fee of 50 coins, you can discover a new piece of treasure by going on a treasure hunt! Discovering a new treasure is worth a certain amount of coins, so your net profit is usually greater. Collecting new treasure is just for fun, but it’s a great way to decorate your axolochi tank!

Buy new food!

You can purchase new food items from the diner for a hefty fee of 250 coins. New food types fill up your axolochis faster, so they’re worth it in the long run. Be sure to try different food types on different axolochis, and you might get different results!

Unlock new eggs!

You can also purchase new eggs with pearl. When you release an axolochi after they’ve grown to maturity, you can start anew with a new type of egg. New eggs contain different breeds of axolochi, so collect them all!

That’s all for Axolochi! Keep loving them, and they’ll grow up to be perfectly healthy axolochis!


  1. I’ve discovered that one of mine had sparkles on its stomach, and then the same one (new egg) didn’t. Fed them the same stuff but idk what the sparkles mean??(maybe the first was more well cared for? Or a diff type)


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