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Roblox Avatar: Rogue Benders Codes (April 2024)

Get the latest Avatar Rogue Benders codes and redeem them for free rewards before they expire!

Updated: May 1, 2024

We searched for the latest codes!

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Avatar: Rogue Benders is many Robloxers’ favorite anime of all time. The second in line is The Legend of Korra, so you can see where we’re going with this.

Roblox CHI BLOCKERS Avatar: Rogue Benders Codes
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Players love this world and bounced at the opportunity to play Avatar: Rogue Benders, a Roblox game inspired by the fantastic skills of benders of different elements.

Thanks to free Avatar: Rogue Benders codes, the whole experience got even better because you were able to reroll your elements, get free spins to use for customizing the appearance of your hero, and get some free in-game cash, which is always welcome! If you’re enjoying this game as much as others do, make sure to redeem the codes from the list below before they expire.

In Avatar: Rogue Benders, mastering your element is essential. But to achieve this, you’ll require the assistance of Trainers. However, their services come at a cost – Yuanz. To gather Yuanz, you can undertake various side quests offered by NPCs worldwide. Additionally, you’ll need Spins if you wish to alter your character’s traits or features.

And if you like other anime-inspired games on Roblox, like Roblox Anime Army, check out the codes for that title as well!

All Avatar: Rogue Benders codes

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Here, you’ll find all the published codes for Avatar: Rogue Benders and we’ll keep an eye out for new ones.

Roblox Avatar: Rogue Benders Codes (Working)

Here are all the currently working Avatar: Rogue Benders codes:

  • 4202024Elementreroll—Redeem for Element Reroll (New)
  • 4202024Spins—Redeem for 15 Spins (New)
  • 4152024elementreroll—Redeem for Element Reroll (New)
  • 4152024spins—Redeem for 15 Spins
  • HOTFIX462024Spins—Redeem for 10 Spins
  • HOTFIX462024Element3—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • HOTFIX462024Element2—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • HOTFIX462024Element—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • SICKDRYSPECIALELEMENT—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • SORRY4DELAY—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • SORRY4DELAYELEMENT—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • SORRY4DELAYSPINS2024—Redeem for 10 Spins
  • SORRY4DELAYELEMENT2024—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • FREESPINS3212024—Redeem for 10 Spins
  • FREEELEMENT3212024—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • 5500SUBSSPECIAL—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • 5KSUBS3172024—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • GOSUB2DRYELEMENTREROLL5K—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • 5KSUBSONYOUTUBEWOW—Redeem for 15 Spins
  • HotfixElementReroll—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • THANKSFOR1700SUBS—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • FREESPINSTHANKSFOR1700SUBS—Redeem for 15 Spins
  • 31324THANKSFOR1500SUBS—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • 1500SUBSONYOUTUBESPINS24—Redeem for 15 Spins
  • 31124THANKSFOR1400SUBS—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • 1400SUBSONYOUTUBESPINS24—Redeem for Element Reroll
  • SecretSpinCode3102024—Redeem for 15 Spins
  • DIRTBIRTHDAYONTOP—Redeem for an Element Reroll
  • hiddenelementreroll—Redeem for an Element Reroll
  • MYBIRTHDAYON18FEBRUARI—Redeem for an Element Reroll
  • shutdowncode12—Redeem for Spins
  • runningforelementreroll—Redeem for an Element Reroll
  • ELEMENTREROLLTWO—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • MOREELEMENTREROLL—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • UPDATESOONELEMENTREROLL—Redeem for an Element Reroll.

Roblox Avatar: Rogue Benders Codes (Expired)

These Avatar: Rogue Benders codes are no longer redeemable:

  • THANKSFOR1000SUBS#1ELEMENTREROLL—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • THANKSFOR1000SUBS#1SPINS—Redeem for Free Spins.
  • THANKSFOR1100SUBS#2ELEMENTREROLL—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • UPDATESOONSPINS—Redeem for Free Spins.
  • 12SPINS—Redeem for Free Spins.
  • SUB2DRYELEMENTREROLL—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • WDRYELEMENTREROLL—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • ANOTHERELEMENTREROLL—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • 10SPINS—Redeem for Spins.
  • PIGGYBANK—Redeem for Yuanz.
  • ELEMENTREROLLWOW!—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • MOREYUANS—Redeem for Yuanz.
  • WOWELEMENTREROLL—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • ELEMENTREROLLWOW!—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • EXTRASPINSWOW!—Redeem for code for Spins.
  • MOREYUANS—Redeem for 3,000 Yuanz.
  • Money—Redeem for Yuanz.
  • 800SubsSpins—Redeem for free Spins.
  • 800youtubesubs—Redeem for in-game rewards.
  • update2Spins—Redeem for Spins.
  • update2ElementRerolls—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • 1KYuanz!—Redeem for 1,000 Yuanz.
  • SorryForDataWipe!—Redeem for 1,000 Yuanz.
  • ELEMENTREROLL1—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • ELEMENTREROLL2—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • ELEMENTREROLL3—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • ELEMENTREROLL4—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • ELEMENTREROLL5—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • FREESPINS—Redeem for 10 Spins.
  • Yuanz!—Redeem for a 500 Yuanz.
  • ElementReroll!—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • WElementReroll!—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • SubTwoDryElement!—Redeem for an Element Reroll.
  • SpinsO!—Redeem for a 5 Spins.
  • Yuanz!—Get 500 Yuans.
  • WElementReroll!—Get an Element Reroll.
  • ElementReroll!—Get an Element Reroll.
  • SpinsO!—Get 5 Spins.
  • SubTwoDryElement!—Get an Element Reroll.

How to Redeem Avatar: Rogue Benders Codes

To be honest, it took me a bit to figure out where to type in Avatar: Rogue Benders codes.

Without a proper explanation, you won’t see the code-redeeming option right away. Luckily, you can follow these straightforward instructions to claim your free rewards:

  1. Start Avatar: Rogue Benders in Roblox.
  2. Find a Meditation mat and hit M on your keyboard to open the Meditation menu.
  3. Look to the upper left side of the screen to find the text box that says Twitter Code.
  4. Type your code manually or copy/paste one from our Working list.
  5. Hit Enter to redeem it.

Where to Find More Avatar: Rogue Benders Codes

While sometimes developers post new codes on a game’s Roblox home page, the best way to stay on top of all the latest updates to Avatar: Rogue Benders is to join the game’s official Discord channel. As a part of the verification process for his community, you will also be asked to join the Avatar: Rogue Benders Roblox group.

If you don’t want to hunt for new codes on your own, you can always just bookmark this article and let us do the hard work. You can just come by occasionally and pick up the latest codes to redeem for freebies.

Why Aren’t My Avatar: Rogue Benders Codes Working?

Are you sure that the spelling is 100% correct? If you’re typing in codes manually, it is super easy to make mistakes. To avoid such issues, you can always copy and paste codes, especially if you’re playing the game on your computer.

The code may have stopped working if there are no typos and you’re still not getting any rewards. This often happens if the developers don’t specify expiration dates. In case the issue persists, report back in the comments, and we will check the issue and update our lists.

How to Get More Free Rewards in Avatar: Rogue Benders

While there is no option to score some freebies in the game itself (aside from redeeming free Avatar: Rogue Benders codes), you don’t have to give up.

Join the official ARB Avatar: Rougue Benders Discord community. You will be able to participate in different events and giveaways and win valuable prizes like Yuans and Elements of Choice.

What Is Avatar: Rogue Benders?

Avatar: Rogue Benders is a Roblox game inspired by the iconic anime Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Screenshot by Touch, Tap, Play

Therefore, as a player, you get the chance to become a bender of one of the elements and fight dangerous enemies using your growing skills. The game is based in a big open world where you can train with special trainers to develop new abilities.

Don’t like your randomly generated appearance? Change it with the help of some Spins, and you can get some for free (including Element Rerolls and in-game currency) if you redeem free Avatar: Rogue Benders codes from this article.

If you’re an avid Roblox gamer, don’t skip our other articles from the dedicated Codes section—we have more codes for your other favorite experiences just waiting to be redeemed!

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