Auto Chess Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Welcome to Auto Chess, the newest competitive PvP genre that is taking the mobile scene by storm. Players duke it out on a chess board filled with units of their choosing.

Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they also have their own behaviors on the board. Knowing how to position your units and which ones to use will be the key to success, something we will go over in our Auto Chess cheats and tips.

Auto Chess is all about being able to adapt on the fly and know what to play at the right moments. Let’s get started with our Auto Chess cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use tank type units as your frontline!

As we mentioned, the most important thing you need to keep in mind in Auto Chess are the classes. Each unit belongs to one of the ten classes in the game, and they all excel at one specific thing.

For example, the Warrior class units charge the closest enemies and engage in direct melee combat. They usually do not deal too much damage, but they make up for it with high health and armor, letting them tank for your weaker teammates.

Do not forget about the stacking bonus, either! Having multiple warriors will increase their armor. Other classes that are suitable for taking including the Mech and Knight class.

They both have similar stats to Warriors, and they also have same-type stacking bonuses that reduces the damage they take.

Position your units correctly!

So, from what you know about your frontline units like Warriors and Knights, you know that they best suited to engage the enemy head on and hold their attention. One of the best places to put them is at the very front of your side of the board. Once the round starts, there is a good chance your opponent’s units will automaticall for the frontline units.

This goes in turn with your backline units. You do not want to position them too far up, otherwise you run the risk of them getting targeted by stray enemies. Make sure you have your units in the right places and your chances of winning grow exponentially!

Damage dealers should go in the back!

To coincide with your frontline, your backline damager dealers should be the last ones to meet the enemy. Hunters can provide consistent DPS to your enemies, and stacking Hunters will make them all do more damage.

Warlocks and Mages do great magic damage from afar, but Warlocks have a nifty stacking ability that provide lifesteal for them and all allied units. They pair well with Assassin and your frontline classes!

Equip items to the right units!

Occasionally, when you defeat an enemy, they will drop an item. Items will boost your units’ base stats, and if you tap on the item you can get a description of what it does, and what it can eventually evolve into.

Try to match items with heroes that it will help the most – for example, your front line tanks will appreciate items that increase their armor and HP, while your damage dealers are best suited for attack damage items.

Your merged units are still valuable!

When you fused three of the same units together, they evolve into their 2-star and then eventually 3-star forms. These evolved forms are very powerful, and they should be able to last you the whole match. That being said, do not immediately throw them out as soon as you gain access to the higher rarity units, as they can still hold their own!

Assassin units are the trickiest!

The Assassin class is probably the most trickiest class in the entire game. These units specialize in sneaking up on the backline and taking out the weaker units.

No matter where you play an Assassin, when the round starts, they will leap to the other side of the board and target the backline. If a player is not prepared for this, a single Assassin can break apart their entire team.

To avoid letting this happen to you, get your tanks ready! If you start to see the enemy use Assassins, position one of the tank type units next to your backline. That way, if an Assassin does jump to your backline, they will be quickly dealt with.

That’s all for Auto Chess! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Auto Chess Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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