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Atari Combat: Tank Fury Guide: Tips & Cheats To Win More Battles

Atari Combat: Tank Fury Guide: Tips & Cheats To Win More Battles
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Atari’s classic arcade series Combat returns in the form of a match-3 puzzle RPG! Enter Atari Combat: Tank Fury, a new entry in the long-running Combat franchise. Collect and assemble a team of historically accurate tanks from Germany, France, the UK, the US, and the Soviet Union, and battle it out in match-3 gem crushing battles!

Today, Touch Tap Play will go over the basics in our Atari Combat: Tank Fury tips and tricks guide. We will hone your match-3 skills, and we will also guide you on how to build your base and power up your tanks. Let’s get started with our Atari Combat: Tank Fury cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to win more battles!

Special Gems and Tactics Help you Win Battles

Atari Combat: Tank Fury is a tried and true match-3 puzzle game at its core. That means that the best way to get ahead of your opponents is to plan out your moves and always try to go for the special gems.

Matching four gems will wipe out the entire column or row, depending on how you made the initial match. The extra gems it destroys is helpful, but more importantly it sets up potential combos because more gems will fall in. You can do some serious damage if you are lucky!

Matching five gems will create the wild card gem, which acts like a bomb and clears all of the surrounding gems. This is even better in some instances than the four match, as you can get a potential combo from all the gems that fall in.

Every time you match gems for one of your tanks, their tactics meter fills up. Tactics are powerful skills that can be unleashed once they are charged. They charge up fairly often depending on what gems you are matching, so make liberal use of them.

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Optimizing Combat

You can take manual control of your tanks if you are having trouble with a particular fight. Here are a few pointers to give yourself the edge in battle.

First off, remember that each tank has a color and all of the color types are strong and weak towards other colors. The game will show you what types of enemies you will be facing before you head into a level, so adjust your platoon accordingly.

You can also focus fire to take out high priority targets first. Say there is an enemy tank that is weak to your highest powered tank – you would focus on that tank first to take it out quickly. The faster you can eliminate targets, the less damage you have to take.

There is a button at the bottom left corner of the screen that will enable autoplay. The autoplay AI is pretty smart, as it will usually find the most optimum matches for you. It will not use tactics or manually targeting efficiently though, so you may want to keep that in mind.

Reaching HQ level 5 will unlock the Weapons Lab where you can craft consumable items that can be used in battle to give you the edge. Go into difficult battles with a full set of battle items!

Claim Daily Rewards for a Strong Tank

Logging into the game for the first time every day will give you a nice reward. On the third day you will get 100 shards for a 3-star red tank, the M18 Hellcat. This is a powerful tank and you get it for free, as long as you keep checking in for the daily rewards.

This means that you should not bother upgrading your starting 1-star red tank, as you are only going to replace it on your third day of playing. Keep up with the daily rewards and you will get more shards to further upgrade the tank.

Do not Waste Oil or Supplies

Oil and supplies are the main two resources of the game. You earn them from your Oil Refinery and Supply Drops respectively. You also gain a bunch whenever you clear a level.

The levels reward you with a bunch of resources, so make sure that you spend as much as you can before heading into a level, or upgrade your storage facilities. Clearing a level while near maximum capacity will essentially waste the resources.

Power up your Tanks

The difficulty in Atari Combat: Tank Fury ramps up relatively quickly, and your tanks will get wiped out if you are not sufficiently prepared. You will need to power up your tanks, especially considering you start the game out with a bunch of 1-star tanks.

Head to the garage to power up your tanks. Choose the tank you want to level up, then apply vehicle experience, which can be obtained from clearing levels and from your Firing Range.

Tanks can only be leveled up to a certain level, at which point they must undergo promotion to get any stronger. You will need multiple shards of the tank in order to promote them, and you obtain them mainly from vehicle stashes.

Tanks can also be outfitted with parts, which increase the tanks overall power slightly. Equipping a tank with all of its parts allows it to upgrade, increasing it part rank. You can find any part you are missing by tapping the magnifying glass, and the game will show you where that part can drop.

Finally, crew members can be assigned to tanks. Crew act pretty much like parts, as they will boost certain aspects of your tank, like more tactics damage, tactics defense, among others. Crew only boost the power of specifically colored tanks, so you will need to match the colors.

Crew can be found on certain missions, and they more common on hard mode. You can also find them in the Armored Assault temporary spec. ops missions as drops.

A tank can be considered at full power when it is at maximum level, has a whole set of parts completed, and has a crew member assigned to it.

Save your Gold Coins for Vehicle Stashes

Gold coins are the premium currency of the game, and you will get some every time you clear a level. You also earn some whenever you open stashes and check into the daily rewards.

Gold coins are precious, and the game will tempt you to spend them on things like instant building construction and double building slots, but you should really only spend your gold coins on buying vehicle stashes.

Vehicles stashes contain a random amount of vehicle shards in them, and the more expensive stashes contain the higher rarity tanks inside. In most cases this is the only way to obtain shards of the better tanks, so you will want to open as many as you can.

Keep Upgrading your Headquarters

Your base of operations starts out relatively small. Upgrading HQ will not only increase the amount of space you get to build on in your base, but it will also unlock more buildings.

Base progressions is heavily dependent on how often you are upgrading your HQ, so try to always have it upgrading. You might need to rack up some resources before you can do it, but you should be prioritizing it anyways.

That’s all for Atari Combat: Tank Fury. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Atari Combat: Tank Fury Guide: Tips & Cheats To Win More Battles


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