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Asphalt 9 Legends Soundtrack | All Songs in Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 Legends Soundtrack | All Songs in Asphalt 9
Image via Gameloft
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Hold your horses, Asphalt Legends! We have prepared the complete list of songs from Asphalt 9: Legends so you can listen to your favorite tunes without turning on the game.

Image via Gameloft

Read everything you need to know about all the cars in Asphalt 9: Legends if you’re curious to learn the stats for each and every one of them!

Asphalt 9: Legends Soundtrack

Here is the list of all the tunes from Asphalt 9: Legends:

  • R.E.D.—Yasiin Bey, Narcy, Black Bear, The Halluci Nation—YouTube Video
  • Legendary—Welshly Arms—Youtube Video
  • Second Lives—Vitalic—Youtube Video
  • Higher—Lucas & Steve,Ummet Ozcan
  • Second Lives—Vitalic—Youtube Video
  • Legend—The Score—Youtube Video
  • Turn It Up—The Midnight Beast—Youtube Video
  • My Name Is Thunder—Jet,The Bloody Beetroots—Youtube Video
  • One Million Dollars—Swanky Tunes,Going Deeper—Youtube Video
  • City—Spring King—Youtube Video
  • Run with the Bulls—Smallpools—Youtube Video
  • Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea—Missio—Youtube Video
  • Madness—Ruelle—Youtube Video
  • Legend—The Score—Youtube Video
  • Diesel Love—DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)—Youtube Video
  • Fill The Void—DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)—Youtube Video
  • Wide Awake—DJ Gontran (Vincent Labelle)—Youtube Video
  • Higher (feat. Maty Noyes)—Lemaitre—Youtube Video
  • Hazy—DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)—Youtube Video
  • Born For Greatnes—Papa Roach—Youtube Video
  • War—MuteMath—Youtube Video
  • Offroad Reverie—DJ Gontran (Vincent Labelle)—Youtube Video
  • Legendary—Welshly Arms—Youtube Video
  • Renegade—Axwell and Ingrosso—Youtube Video
  • Black Wave—K.Flay—Youtube Video
  • Afterhot (Edit) (feat. Sam Waitin)—Sola Guinto—Youtube Video
  • The Eagle—Bishu—Youtube Video
  • The Mountain Lion—Bishu—Youtube Video


  • Drift—Rafael Frost—Youtube Video
  • Fantastics Scars—DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)—Youtube Video
  • Turn It Up—The Midnight Beast—Youtube Video
  • Overthrow—Boys Noize—Youtube Video
  • One Million Dollars (with Going Deeper)—Swanky Tunes—Youtube Video
  • I’ve Got To Get It—DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)—Youtube Video
  • Yeah I Know—Otherkin—Youtube Video
  • Technicolor Dollar—DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)—Youtube Video
  • Hands Up—Prophets Of Rage—Youtube Video
  • Come and Get It—Krubb Wenkroist (Martin Courcy)—Youtube Video
  • Valkyrie—Battle Tapes—Youtube Video
  • Sideways—Krubb Wenkroist (Martin Courcy)—Youtube Video
  • Who Says So?—Krubb Wenkroist (Martin Courcy)—Youtube Video
  • Sixes And Sevens—Mondo Cozmo—Youtube Video
  • Passion—AWOLNATION—Youtube Video
  • Speakerbox (feat. Lafa Taylor)—Bassnectar—Youtube Video
  • Moby—Hey! Hey! (with The Void Pacific Choir)—Youtube Video
  • Nock Em—Bossfight—Youtube Video
  • Starcrash—Feed Me—Youtube Video
  • Iconic—Nicky Romero—Youtube Video
  • Freeze Me—Death From Above 1979—Youtube Video
  • Run With The Bulls—Smallpools—Youtube Video
  • Pogo People—Flux Pavilion—Youtube Video
  • Renegade (feat. Jakes)—InsideInfo—Youtube Video
  • The Box—Joyride—Youtube Video
  • Higher (with Lucas & Steve)—Ummet Oczan—Youtube Video
  • My Name Is Thunder (+ Jet)—The Bloody Beetroots—Youtube Video
  • Rise Up—Krubb Wenkroist—Youtube Video
  • The Jump—Pimps Of Joytime—Youtube Video
  • Cole Slaw—DJ Gontran (Vincent Labelle)—Youtube Video
  • City—Spring King—Youtube Video
  • Drawp Da Bass—DJ Gontran (Vincent Labelle)—Youtube Video
  • Second Lives—Vitalic—Youtube Video
  • Collider—Noisia—Youtube Video
  • Circular Sunset—DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)—Youtube Video
  • Hot Blood—Kaleo—Youtube Video

Post Race

DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)Fantastic Scars (Outro)
Boys NoizeOverthrow (Outro)
The Midnight BeastTurn It Up (Outro)
Swanky TunesOne Million Dollars (with Going Deeper) (Outro)
DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)I’ve Got To Get It (Outro)
OtherkinYeah I Know (Outro)
DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)Technicolor Dollar (Outro)
Prophets Of RageHands Up (Outro)
Krubb Wenkroist (Martin Courcy)Come And Get It (Outro)
Battle TapesValkyrie (Outro)
Krubb Wenkroist (Martin Courcy)Sideways (Outro)
Krubb Wenkroist (Martin Courcy)Who Says So? (Outro)
Mondo CozmoSixes And Sevens (Outro)
AWOLNATIONPassion (Outro)
BassnectarSpeakerbox (Outro)
MobyHey! Hey! (with The Void Pacific Choir) (Outro)
BossfightNock Em (Outro)
Feed MeStarcrash (Outro)
Nicky RomeroIconic (with John Christian) (Outro)
Death From Above 1979Freeze Me (Outro)
SmallpoolsRun With The Bulls (Outro)
Flux PavilionPogo People (Outro)
InsideInfoRenegade (feat. Jakes) (Outro)
JoyrydeThe Box (Outro)
Ummet OzcanHigher (with Lucas & Steve) (Outro)
The Bloody BeetrootsMy Name Is Thunder (Outro)
Krubb Wenkroist (Martin Courcy)Rise Up (Outro)
Pimps Of JoytimeThe Jump (Outro)
DJ Gontran (Vincent Labelle)Cole Slaw (Outro)
Spring KingCity (Outro)
DJ Gontran (Vincent Labelle)Drawp Da Bass (Outro)
VitalicSecond Lives (Outro)
DJ Dubai (Nicolas Dubé)Circular Sunset (Outro)
NoisiaCollider (Outro)
KaleoHot Blood (Outro)

About Asphalt 9: Legends

In Asphalt 9: Legends, you’ll be offered an awesome collection of legendary cars you can collect and personalize to your liking. You can choose from various high-performance speed machines made by world-renowned manufacturers. Upgrade their stats, choose the color of their brake calipers, and add carbon parts to customize your rides fully.

Get ready to experience the thrill of racing on 185 breathtaking tracks, each set in a real-world location like San Francisco, Cairo, and Osaka. Race around giant tornadoes in the American wilderness, avoid landslides in the Himalayas, and more!

If you’re looking for codes for Asphalt 9, we have it in our Asphalt 9 codes section! You can also get some free stuff for other games via our Promo Codes page. And in the meantime, take a look at the latest news to stay up-to-date on all things entertainment.

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