Art of War: Legions Guide: Tips & Tricks To Mastering the Battlefield

War is upon us, and it has never been cuter! Art of War: Legions is a simple and quick-to-play real time strategy game where you are pit against armies of different shapes and sizes. Set up your own army to tackle the enemy, but do it strategically because you cannot control your troops during combat!

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As such, Art of War: Legions is all about planning and positioning. In our Art of War: Legions tips and tricks guide, we will go over the most important things to keep in mind during a battle, and how to be a master strategist. Let’s get start with our Art of War: Legions tips and tricks strategy guide to mastering the battlefield!

The Basics of Battle: Reinforcements and You!

When you head into a battle, you will be presented with a big gray space with tiles. You can fit a single squad of units on a tile. You will also see how your enemy is positioned and grouped up, so you will need to position your troops in a way to counterattack the enemy adequately.

Each unit type excels at something different, so knowing their strengths and weaknesses is the key to overcoming your opponent. Make sure you read up on your opponents to know how to position them effectively!

During any battle, you will slowly gain reinforcements over time, as indicated by the button at the bottom left corner of the screen. They are single Infantry, and you can deploy them anywhere on the battlefield by tapping. They are not powerful, but their numbers might be able to push your team to victory!

You should always constantly be reinforcing your army. There is no reason to hang onto the reinforcements, so just keep tapping on the screen. Make sure you deploy them near your existing troops, otherwise they will probably just run off and die.

Troop Strategies 101

As we mentioned, knowing what your troops excel at and what their weaknesses are is the key to victory. To start out with a simple example, your very first troop is the Infantry. These guys are pretty straightfoward: they will charge the closest enemy and whack them with their swords until one of them dies.

They may not deal much damage with a paltry 100 attack, but they have decent health and defense, making them perfect to act as “tank” type units, soaking up damage for your squishier but deadlier troops in the backline.

As such, you should deploy Infantry at the frontlines so that they grab the attention of the enemies. Then, you can position your long-range attackers like Archers and Bombers at the backline so that they can attack in peace! It is the perfect synergy, and you should always be looking for opportunities to pair up your troops together!

This is general way to win, and it should take you far. Eventually later in the game, you will find opponents who have more complex formations, and you will have to adapt in order to counter them.

Heroes: Your Leading Captains!

Once you get to around level 20, you will unlock your first hero. Heroes are powerful units that have special skills. They have loads of health, defense, and attack, making them huge threats on the battlefield. Use them well, and you can overcome any battle!

Heroes have two skills: an active and a passive. Their passive skill grants them a special ability, and their active can wreck havoc on the battlefield. One of the first heroes you can get is the Frost Baron.

His passive ability Rapid Cooling constantly slows surrounding enemies’ attack speed until he moves away from them. His active is Boreal Grace which grants shields to nearby friendly units. The shield will absorb a set amount of damage until it breaks, damaging surrounding enemies.

As you can see, heroes have very powerful abilities that can really give your army the upper hand it needs. The problem is positioning: your heroes can only be deployed in one of three spots. There is a spot to the left, right, and back of the deployment space, meaning you cannot really let your hero lead the charge.

However, with some smart positioning, you can alleviate this. Depending on your hero’s movement speed, you can get them to charge right into the enemy forces, letting them absorb all the hits.

Try the Headhunts for more rewards!

At around level 15 you will unlock the opportunity to take on Headhunts. Headhunts are basically side quests that are optional, but they provide more rewards than your typical level. The list of Headhunts cycles every day, providing you with more challenges on a daily basis.

Before you attack, you will see a number out of another number. This is the amount of attempts you get. When you complete a full cycle – that is, fill up the number all the way – the Headhunt will lose a turn. When a Headhunt has lost all of its turns, it will be done.

Try to complete all of the Headhunts before the day is over for a lot of gold. You even get gems from the later stages of the Headhunts!

The Arena should be saved for last!

At level 30, you will gain access to the Arena. Here, you can fight against other players’ armies. You might be eager, but we really recommend holding off to enter the arena until you have unlocked more troops.

If you try to fight in the arena as soon as it is unlocked, you will probably get destroyed. When you get into the arena, you will be presented with a list of challengers randomly selected. The first one is the toughest, while the one at the bottom is the weakest.

The stronger your opponent is, the more arena points you will earn. The more points you have when the season ends, the better the rewards will be. In addition to this, you also have the battle pass.

Every win in the arena nets you a token, and when you collect enough tokens your battle pass will level up. You start out with the free pass, and you can get some nice rewards like gold, gems, troops, and keys.

The premium pass contains even better rewards, but you need to pay real money to activate it. If you are playing just casually, you can stick with the free pass and decide later if you want to get really competitive.

Complete the daily quests!

Tapping on the scroll at the top right corner of the main menu brings you to the daily quests screen. As the name suggests, these quests disappear and get replaced with new ones when the day is over. Each quest is worth a good amount of gold, gems, and quest points.

When you gain quest points, the bar at the top will fill up. When it fills up enough, you can redeem the points for a present box. These boxes contain gold, gems, and troop crates, so try to complete all the dailies before the day ends for maximum rewards!

Be sure to check in for idle goodies!

Your troops on the main screen will continuously slaughter random enemies that come their way. This will generate gold and gems for you over time. The farther you get in the game, the faster you will generate goodies. Be sure to check to every now and then and collect your rewards, as they will cap out over time.

That’s all for Art of War: Legions! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Art of War: Legions Guide: Tips & Tricks To Mastering the Battlefield


  1. Are you aware that the Arena now has two classes: Master and Elite. The Master players have the larger, more developed armies, but the Elite players are newer with smaller armies. It looks like the Elite class was created just to prevent a new player from being destroyed. It also looks like a player gets moved from Elite to Master once going beyond 2000 trophies.

  2. Hello, I’m on level 376 and was wondering if my troop size ever increases? It’s currently 7×7 and I have guys in the barraks but was hoping to be able to have more guys on the battlefield. At any point, do u get to use 2 heros?


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