Arknights is among the most interesting tower defense games released in recent years, mostly thanks to its unique mechanics that give the whole experience a role-playing game feel. This also makes the game slightly deeper than other similar games, requiring a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the RPG mechanics to be successful.

One of the most important mechanics found in Arknights are the Trust mechanics. These are extremely important to understand, as they directly influence the power of your units, and a low Trust value with an Operator results in an Operator that cannot fulfill his or her duties effectively.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Trust mechanics in Arknights and how to take advantage of them to the fullest.

What is Trust?

Trust is a very simple value that can be checked out easily from the Operator menu that indicates how much any given Operator trusts you. The value ranges from 0% to 200%, and getting it to 200% should be your main priority: at maximum Trust, the operator stats’ will not only improve considerably, but you will also unlock new in-game voices and additional information. So if there is any Operator you particularly like, you’d better start building that Trust.

Stats Improvements

While getting Trust levels to 200% should be your priority, it is very time consuming, so you will end up doing so only for your favorite Operators. If you just want to reap the increased stats benefits coming from high Trust, you should focus on getting Trust to 100%, as improvements cap at this percentage. Unfortunately, only Operators with 200% Trust see their stats improved when used as Support Unit by a friend, so their true potential only manifests when reaching maximum Trust levels.

How to Gain Trust

Trust with Operators is built by acquiring Trust Points. These points can be obtained in two different ways: take part in combat missions or work in the RIIC base.

Obtaining Trust Points in combat missions is very straightforward. All Operators joining a normal of Challenge Operation gain 1 Trust Point per Sanity used to start the mission. If the operation is completed with a three star rating, the obtain Trust Points are equal to the Operation’s Sanity cost. If completed with less, the obtained points are half of the Sanity cost.

For Annihallation, the Trust Points obtained depend on the number of kills. The lowest amount of kills is 100, the maximum 400. The amount Trust Points depends on the map, but the maximum amount of Trust Points that can be obtained is between 20 and 25 for 400 kills.

Obtaining Trust Points while working in the RIIC base depends on the role they are assigned to. The points are awarded per every collection: working in a facility grants 100 points, working as floor assistant grants 150 points, working as a Control Center RIIC Assistant 500 points.

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