Arknights: Operator Recruitment Guide


Arknights is a sci-fi anime tower defense game with an interesting twist for a free-to-play mobile game: gacha pulls can be done through a time-gated mechanic. While the traditional random gacha pulls are still in the game, the other way to recruit new Operators is done through the recruitment mechanic. We’ll explain how to use it effectively in our Arknights operator recruitment guide!

Recruitment Basics

Recruitment is unlocked after clearing operation 0-2. You’ll have access to two slots starting out, but more can be unlocked once you build the HR Office in your base.

Recruitment is fairly straightforward, at a glance. You set the time you want to spend searching, which can be up to nine hours. The longer you wait, the higher chance of recruiting higher rarity Operators, though this increases the LMD cost.

Then, you choose up to three job tags. The tags listed are chosen randomly, and they can be refreshed manually with the aid of the HR Office. These tags will help you narrow down your search if you’re looking for a specific Operator. The tags include things like Operator classes, attack patterns, and more.

Once you’ve chosen the time and tags, you can start the recruitment process. From here you simply wait and once the allotted time is up, you will gain a new Operator.

Possible Tags

Here’s a list of tags that may show up when you’re recruiting. When you’ve built the HR Office in the base, you can refresh the job tags once every six hours. You can speed up this downtime by assigning workers to the HR Office.

RankingRobot, Senior Operator, Starter, Top Operator
Attack TypeMelee, Ranged
ClassGuard, Vanguard, Sniper, Caster, Medic, Supporter, Specialist
SpecializationAoE, Crowd-Control, DPS, DP-Recovery, Debuff, Fast-Redeploy, Defense, Healing, Nuker, Shift, Slow, Summon, Support, Survival

Recruiting Tips

It is strongly recommended to know the exact ranking, class, and specialization of an Operator if you’re chasing down a specific one. That way, if you get lucky enough and you get the right jobs tags to choose, you can narrow it down and increase your chances.

Always try to set the time to 9 hours for maximum chance of rarer Operators, unless you’re specifically looking for a lower rarity Operator. In this case, make sure not to set the time too high as you’ll cut off the chance of finding 1-star and 2-star Operators.

When choosing job tags, make sure not to pick any clashing tags, and by that we mean to have only one tag from each category. That means to pick only one class tag, one ranking tag, and so forth. If two tags are clashing, one of the tags – or sometimes both – will be ignored during the recruitment process, which a higher chance of this happening if the recruitment time is set too low.

The Senior and Top Operator tags are extremely rare and should always be chosen (not together though) if they appear. These will almost always guarantee you a very powerful Operator!

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Arknights: Operator Recruitment Guide


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