Arena of Valor is a brand new MOBA game for the mobile platforms. Choose from a variety of flashy heroes each with their own special abilities and roles, then battle it out in classic MOBA landscapes in frantic 5-on-5 battles. Coming straight to your by Tencent Games, Arena of Valor sports a lot of resemblance to the biggest MOBA on the market right now, League of Legends. But enough about that, we’re here to help you out with our Arena of Valor cheats and tips!

Arena of Valor plays out like your usual MOBA, so if you already have experience in the genre you’ll know what to expect here. Veteran or newbie, it’s okay – we’ve got you covered with our Arena of Valor cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Practice with every type of hero!

In a MOBA-style game, team composition is one of the most important things to consider when drafting your team. You’ll need a balanced team of all the hero types if you want to succeed!

To ensure that you can fulfill that extra slot, try to practice with a variety of heroes and learn their strengths and weaknesses. More specifically, try to become familiar with at least one hero of every type. That means you’ll need to learn tanks, warriors, marksmen, supports, and so forth.

We know this will take a lot of time, so don’t worry if you can’t do it right away. You can start off with one hero and get really good with them, then work your way from there. This way, you can avoid several problems like if someone picks your first favorite hero, you can pick your second favorite! Or, if everyone is doing their own thing and ignoring good team composition, you can help out and round out the team.

Master last hitting!

Enemy minions, when defeated, will grant nearby heroes gold. However, if you can get the killing blow on them, you’ll receive bonus gold as well. This is called “last hitting”, and it’s actually a little more trickier than it sounds.

Try to get familiar with your hero’s auto-attack speed, and watch how fast your own minions are damaging enemy minions. Wait for the right moment, then strike! If you’re successful you’ll see the gold numbers appear bigger than normal. Remember that you can also use your abilities to, but this might not be a good idea if enemy heroes are around.

Claim your Road To Glory chests!

The event “Road To Glory” is happening right now in celebration of the game’s North American launch. If you complete a certain amount of matches (win or lose), you’ll receive a hero for absolutely free! You can get three free heroes this way so whatever you do, absolutely do not miss this chance!

Use the brush to your advantage!

Along the bottom, top, and the sides of the middle lanes are brush. Standing in this will cover your hero, making you invisible to any enemy heroes that are outside of the brush. Utilize these to setup epic ambushes, sneaky getaways, and more!

You can also duck inside of them and use them as cover as you recall back to base. On the flipside, beware of them if you haven’t seen an enemy in a while – they could be lying in wait!

Build your perfect hero with Arcana!

After you’ve gained a couple of levels, you’ll unlock the Arcana system for your heroes. Arcana are little boosts that you can equip on heroes, and they provide small but effective bonuses towards their stats.

Once you’ve really gotten a feel for a hero, you’ve probably developed a favorite way to build them, item-wise. You can compliment this build further with the correct runes. Want to make your tanks even tankier? Equip a bunch of health and armor runes! Want your mages to blow up people even faster? Equip ability power arcana!

Communicate with your team!

At the end of the day, the major key to success in this game depends solely on whether or not your team can work together. Use the callout buttons (top right) to signify opportune moments, like attacking, retreating, or grouping together.

Let the tanks and warriors engage enemies with their crowd control abilities, then have the mages and marksmen follow up with big damage! And of course, don’t forget about your support that can turn the tide of battles with a well-timed shield. Don’t go it alone – strength in numbers!

That’s all for Arena of Valor! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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