Archery Club Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win More Matches

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Archery Club tips and cheats and help you win more matches and aim better at the targets!

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Aiming is not the easiest thing to do, and unless you’re a pro, you are going to need a few tips and guidelines to help you aim much better because there are many things that you can use to your advantage in the game. So if that is what you came here to learn – how to win and how to better improve your aim, then you came to the right place.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the Archery Club tips and tricks right here below and teach you everything that you need to know about the game in order to win more matches!

Practice until you are confident

Practicing is a very important part of the game, because it will let you better understand where and how to aim, and it will also make the game a lot easier for you in the long run. If you want to win, you will always want to aim at the middle circle – hit a bulls-eye!

So in order to do that, I suggest that you head on to the Practice tool which will let you practice in the different arenas which you unlock in the game. To find this practice tool, tap on the Bow menu in the bottom side of the screen, and there you will notice a Practice button appear right next to the longbow.

Tap on the Practice and it will let you select the arena in which you want to play. You can only practice in the arenas which you have unlocked, so make sure that you head on there and play until you manage to hit the bulls-eye (yellow area) every single time!

My tip here:

I suggest that before you take a new bow part into a 1v1 match, you always practice with it first a little because it might be different that what you have played with so far, and if that will be the case, you don’t have time to practice in a match! So try your best to hit the targets in the middle by practicing enough in the Practice menu.

Know where to aim

Aiming is arguably the most important thing in Archery Club. Depending on where you are aiming, you will hit various areas of the target which will give you more (or less) points. Since you should always aim at the middle of the target, you might sometimes have to take the distance into consideration.

That’s exactly why I have a couple of tips for you specifically made for this:

– When you are aiming for the 20m target, always aim in the middle. The distance won’t affect it, so it’s safe to just go for it once you’ve aimed in the middle of the target.

– When aiming for the 30m target, you will notice that when you zoom in on the target, there are some marks for the 40m target and 60m target. Well, you will need to aim in the middle of the board, but have the middle of the target in between 20m and 30m, closer to the 20m tho.

– When aiming for the 40m target, try to align it so that you will aim in the middle of the target (align the vertical line with the middle) and try to place the 40m mark in the middle of the target.

The further away the target is, the higher you will need to aim. Always try to use the marks for distance to your advantage and aim as best as you can. Practice this in the Practice section and you’ll see that it’s not that difficult.

Open the chests which you receive from matches

After you have won a battle you will receive a Chest which will be placed into one of the 4 slots that you have available there. When you want to open one of these, you will have to wait for some time, because depending on the quality of the chest, the better the rewards you receive, the more you have to wait for it to open.

Open the faster chests ASAP

While you are actively playing the game, you should try to open the chests which take less time first, because they will free up some space for you to acquire more chests. Try to do this while you’re in game, and save the chests which take 3h-8h or so for when you will close the game.

By doing this you will maximize the amount of chests you can save up and use the slots which will empty up to acquire new ones!

Open the Mystery Reward

Some of the chests which you will open will have an extra reward which is called the Mystery Reward. To claim this, you will need to watch an advertisement and the reward will be given to you! Not all of the chests have this inside, but for the ones which do, make sure that you watch the ad and claim the reward because it will be very much worth it!

Open Victory Chests

The Victory Chests are chests which you can claim after getting a set number of victories in game. The chests will contain Coins and Cards, and you can see the number of victories (or your progress for opening the chest) in the upper right side of the screen. Just make sure that you win many games, because you’ll be able to open this chest instantly and won’t have to wait for it several hours.

Log in to Facebook to claim free Gems

If you choose to link the game to your Facebook account you will be able to claim some free Gems. This can be done by tapping on the Free Rewards orange button which appears in the upper left side of the screen.

There you can tap on the Facebook log in option and once you’ve logged it will save your progress and reward you with 50 free Gems! It’s definitely worth it if you want to save up on premium currency as a f2p player.

Don’t forget about Free Rewards every single day

In the Free Rewards tab you will have a few rewards which you can claim daily. In order to claim them, you will need to watch a few advertisements (4 ads to be precise) and you’ll claim each reward individually.

Basically for the first ad that you watch, you will get a free Silver Chest. For the second ad that you watch, you will receive 25 Coins – for the third ad that you watch you will receive a free Gold Chest Arena 2 and for the last ad that you watch you will receive 10 Gems for free.

Don’t forget to watch 4 ads and claim these every day, because they are pretty useful and they will help you gather parts and Coins to upgrade your bow pretty quickly – not to mention the free premium currency (Gems)! Also, it takes about 2 minutes maximum to claim all of the rewards, so why not do it since it’s free!

Everything you need to know about your equipment

There are a few things that you need to keep track of when it comes to your equipment, and if you are a dedicated player and want to have some of the best gears out there, then just focus on the following stuff:

Equip the best gears

What I mean with this is that you should always equip the best gears that you have. That means always having on the best Body, Limbs, Sight and String. Those are the gears that you can equip to your Bow. Make sure that you always have the best ones equipped because they will give better default stats than the basic stuff.

Compare the gears before you equip them

You can compare the parts which you have collected before equipping them. You can only do that for gears which you have unlocked already, so to do so just tap on a second item which you have for that slot. For example for Sight you have Heartbeat and Skyfire – tap on the one which you don’t have equipped and you will see the stats. Always equip the item with the better stats because it will make a big difference (especially if your opponent has worse gear).

Upgrade your items

In order to upgrade your items you will need to collect the same item multiple times. You can get them from chests, and depending on the Arena in which you currently are, you will be able to unlock more items.

Upgrading will get pretty expensive, so I suggest that you only upgrade the best stuff that you get and make upgrades only if it becomes more difficult to win the games because the opponents have better items.

Check out the Shop daily

In the Shop window which is the first icon in the bottom side of the screen, you will have a couple of options which you can work on for free. I suggest that you check them out daily and every time that they become available.

Check the Bow Parts daily offers

In this section you will find new cards every single day, so make sure that if you notice something that you like or are actively building, just purchase them (don’t buy Common items tho). There you can also notice the free offer which will let you get some parts for free, for simply watching an ad.

I suggest that you do this if you don’t mind watching ads, because the free parts are always welcome, even if they are not as good – at least they are free! Also, when you unlock Arena 5, you will also unlock the 2 other slots in the Shop which will let you get more daily offers.

Save up Gems and purchase Chests

There are three types of chests in the Shop, and each has a different cost in Gems. I suggest that you don’t waste your Gems and try to save them for the Hero Chest which costs 2100 Gems. It’s definitely going to be worth it because it will contain 8 Epic cards guaranteed, so it’s the best offers you can get.

Spin the Lucky Wheel

The Lucky Wheel will let you watch an advertisement and in exchange let you spin the wheel in hope that you will get something very good. Try doing this daily because it is available every 8 hours, and the rewards are super good!

Get Gems for free

If you scroll all the way almost to the bottom you will see that you can claim 2 Gems for free by watching an ad in the Gems section. Do this whenever you have some extra time and would like to spend it watching ads, because they will add up towards getting that Hero Chest!

These would be all of our Archery Club tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Archery Club Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win More Matches

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