CAVE is a team that requires no introduction, as it has developed some of the best bullet hell shooter games ever released. iOS devices also received their fair share of bullet hell action with Deathsmiles, which has been released a while back in all regions.

If you’re among those who have yet to get the game, you may want to do so very soon. From today, and most likely for a limited time, it’s possible to download Deathsmiles for free on the App Store. This special deal has been made available to celebrate the game’s release on Steam.


Deathsmiles is a rather unique bullet hell shooter game coming with features that twist the tried and true formula of the genre in an interesting way. Unlike many other similar games, however, Deathsmiles can also be enjoyed by those who aren’t exactly shooter games experts, something that makes the whole experience quite addicting.

Deathsmiles is now available for free on the App Store.



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