Mars Mountain

If you have been playing video games for a very long time, there’s a good chance you have played Q*bert at least once in your life. The gameplay formula of the classic arcade game has now been brought to iOS devices with a unique twist by a new arcade game developed by Bulkypix.

Mars Mountain plays pretty much like an endless version of Q*bert, with players having to move down a pyramidal structure while avoiding enemies and collecting items. Like other modern hits such as Crossy Road, the game includes plenty of unlockable content, so you’ll be busy for quite a long time if you’re among those who like unlocking everything in games.


Mars Mountain is far from being one of the more original titles available on the App Store, but its simple gameplay experience will be more than enough to keep players busy for some time. The game is now available for download for free in all regions, with a single IAP that allows customers to turn off ads.



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