Another interesting new game is now available on the App Store, an arcade title that will put your own skills to the test with some hectic dodging action.

Hopeless: Space Shooting, developed by Upopa Games, is the sequel of another game some gamers might remember called Hopeless: The Dark Cave. The original game was a really interesting experience, combining survival horror and shooter games’ elements in a really charming way.

Hopeless: Space Shooting takes the best gameplay elements of its predecessor and adds some new ones to make an even better experience. Among the new features is a multi-touch fire system that will make everything more hectic than before. There’s no way you can miss, since every shot gets auto-aimed, but you’ll still have to be quick with your fingers.

Hopeless: Space Shooting launches with two full game modes, further expanding the already nice gameplay experience. Also, unlike the first game, Hopeless: Space Shooting is not a free to play game so if that turned you off with the first game, you may want to check the new one as soon as possible.

Hopeless: Space Shooting might not be the deepest experience available on the App Store but it’s a really nice time waster that more than one gamer can enjoy thanks to its enjoyable gameplay experience.

Hopeless: Space Shooting is now available for purchase on the App Store.