An extremely addictive arcade game called DUNKYPUNG is now available on the App Store, a game which combines the flap control type with a few additional features to create a very interesting and fun experience.

In DUNKYPUNG, players take control of a simple red dot, tapping on the screen to flap while bouncing off walls. Several hazards will appear on screen, and the longer players manage to stay alive, the more points will be obtained.

Once enough points have been obtained, the meter at the bottom of the screen will fill up, and a new stage with more difficult hazards to avoid will begin.

Just staying alive makes players earn points in DUNKYPUNG, but collecting white dots and getting very close to hazards to trigger Death Hugs will make them earn even more, adding a risk-reward system that makes the whole experience extremely satisfying, like in the arcade games of old.

DUNKYPUNG is now available for the price of $2.99 on the App Store. In case you don’t have an iOS device, you can also get the game on Steam. The system requirements are pretty low, so it will run pretty much on any PC.


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