This week is going to be a really good one for iOS gamers, with a variety of releases coming in the next few days. Earlier today we have reported on a really interesting roguelike game launching this Thursday but if you’re into more straightforward games, you may want to check out the arcade game Alone, developed by Laser Dog, the team behind PUK and a few other nice iOS games.

In Alone, players will hav to control a small spaceship that has to escape from a series of tunnels. Obviously these tunnels won’t be safe at all, with plenty of collapsing rocks and obstacles of all kinds.


Players will be controlling the spaceship with some really simple tap controls, which make the game quite easy to pick up and play. What is not going to be simple nor easy is the gameplay experience itself, which is as difficult as it can get. Which is not bad at all, considering how engaging an experience like this can be.

Alone will be released on August 28th on the App Store. We have no news on the pricing at the moment, but we will let you know more about the matter if anything emerges before release.




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