The arcade game 8bit Doves developed by Nitrome released a while back on the App Store is now available for free for a limited time on the App Store.

In 8bit Doves, players will have to control a large bird and navigate through a rather tight labyrinth. The whole experience is made more difficult by how the bird actually flies, which is not in a straight down way but in arcs. Things are made even worse by the fact that players will have to collect smaller birds to improve their score. It’s a simple yet frustrating experience at times, but it’s also somewhat addictive, just like the incredibly difficult Flappy Bird. This high difficulty level also makes sense, as the game has been clearly inspired by 8-bit classic games, with a color palette and graphical style that make the game resemble a classic GameBoy title.

8bit Doves is the perfect game for those who have played the smash hit Flabby Bird for hours upon hours. The game developed by Nitrome is a unique spin of the same formula so make sure to check it out right now if you don’t fear a little frustration. ANd you better be quick about it, as the game won’t be available for free on the App Store for much longer.



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