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Aquarium Farm Cheats: Tips & Guide to Set Up the Best Aquarium

Aquarium Farm Cheats: Tips & Guide to Set Up the Best Aquarium
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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of the Aquarium Farm tips and cheats to help you make a better farm and to build the best aquarium there ever existed.

The game has some pretty fun features, but some of them need a lot of farming in order to see some amazing results – and for that, along with many other tips and game related stuff, you landed in the right place!

So today we’re going to dive into all of the Aquarium Farm tips and tricks to help you build a better aquarium and make more money in the process! Are you ready? Then let’s get into them!

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Keep your farms grouped

Something that might not catch your eye at first, but is definitely helpful is keeping your farms organized. Try to keep them grouped together so that when you select an item you want to farm, you will have an easier time placing it in the close by plots of land.

You should try to have a few plots dedicated to farming Sea Corn, others to farming Sea Beans, and so on for all of the types of items. At the beginning I suggest that you have about 4 of each, because that will be the most profitable in my opinion. As you keep leveling up and will be able to build more farms, you should expand and try to have more of each kind.

In order to keep the farms organized and grouped well, you can have them divided by 1 tile, but that is not the most space-efficient method. The best would be to have them all next to each other so that you will not waste any tiles.

Build any new structures

Whenever you level up, you will most likely unlock a new building type or will be able to build more of the already unlocked structures. I suggest that you should always build everything that you have available, starting with the Farms.

Never forget to place down new farms

The farms are a very important source of income, so make sure that you build as many as possible, whenever you have them available. That not only will make it available to you to plant more crops, which in return give you more money, but will also let you complete more missions over time.

You can see how many farms you can place down by heading on to the Shop in the bottom left corner of the screen, then select the first tab called “Farms” and then you can check there the maximum number of farms you can have and how many you have currently built.

Also, if you want to check out the animals or crops you can plant (all of them) just tap on the “?” and it will show you, even if you haven’t unlocked them yet.

Get more animals in your animal farms

I suggest that you always try to put into the farms the maximum number of animals you can! For instance after the tutorial you will have 3 Turtles into the turtle farm, but you can add 2 more!

The same applies for pretty much every farm that you build and has animals, so don’t forget to add the maximum number you can and also feed them! If you don’t feed the animals they will not start producing! So don’t let them hungry and waiting! As soon as you fed them you’ll see that they will perk up and if you tap on them they’ll give you a timer for when you can harvest produce from them.

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Watch an ad to speed up the animals

After you fed the aquatic animals you can choose to watch an advertisement, in order to speed them up! To do that simply tap on any of the animals that you fed and you will see an option to watch an advertisement which will speed up all of the selected animals (it’s not just for 1 animal alone)!

I suggest that you do this at the very beginning because even if the timers are not super long, they will help you a lot and give you a very important kick start.

Don’t forget to feed the animals

Now as I mentioned above, once you have animals in your animal farms, they will have to be cared for! You can do that by making food for them (in the Food Processor) and feeding them, because then they will start producing!

If you are running low on materials, then you should try to prioritize the ones that you need the most towards completing a quest or whatnot, and once you can afford more, you can care for the others too! So the main point here is again, to not forget feeding the animals!

Take it slow and stock up on items

Now at the very start you will want to progress ASAP, and I get you – but one important thing you should not skip is producing something at all times. It will not help you a lot if you leave your farms empty or buildings without any tasks, so I suggest that you take it slow and always make sure that everyone and everything has something to do!

For example you should never leave your Roaster empty, and just start creating Sea Cookies or Meat Dumplings or so, because they only take some Wheat which grows relatively fast, and if you give them to the mermaid asking, she will give you Coins.

The more you produce and stock up on items, the easier it will be to complete more tasks. So by all means, if you choose to go idle for some time, don’t forget to start producing something!

An extra tip:

I would really suggest that you always check out the game before you go to bed and always start producing your most time consuming product then, in multiples. That will help you a lot, even if you don’t need that item at the time being.

By doing so you’ll use those extra hours while you’re sleeping (and basically AFK in game) for making something that would otherwise keep your farms blocked for several hours.

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Claim your daily rewards

Every single day you simply open the game and log in, you will be able to claim some super useful rewards! To claim them, tap on the pirate boy behind the wheel and there you can select to log in! Make sure that you log in to the game and claim them even if you don’t plan on playing the game for that particular day, because the rewards will add up and you’ll be able to use them at a later time

Spin the daily roulette

In the right side of the screen you might notice a purple circular button which looks pretty much like a refresh button. I suggest that you tap on it and spin the wheel every single day, 3 times! It will require you to watch an advertisement each time, but it’s definitely worth it because you can get Coins and other useful items!

Tap on the fish to get extra items

There are some fish swimming around in the ocean there, and they each will give you some free rewards which are super useful! The fish are relatively small, so you might not even notice them at start, but pay attention because they are there!

Tap on all of the fish that you see because they can give you EXP (not a lot though) and other useful rewards.

Complete various quests

In the left side of the screen there will be a button underneath the Settings menu which will show you your main story quests. If you want to progress more in the game you can complete these, but I suggest that you try to go about the game at your own pace and stock up on items before adventuring forth.

Fill up Request Board tasks

On the Request Board you will see some tasks which you can complete in order to receive tons of EXP and Coins. The requests can ask for pretty much anything, from crops to animal produce, but it will usually take a few seconds before you can complete another task!

When you have multiple missions to choose from here, I suggest that you put priority on the ones which give you the better rewards, and then completing the rest!

aquarium park 5

Complete Station orders

Similar to the Request Board you will also have the Station. Here you can claim various rewards from the containers, but they will also ask for some items in return. Some of these items might be more difficult to acquire than the ones the Request Board asks for, but the rewards will also be better!

Unlock more land

As you level up in the game you will be able to unlock more plots of land and expand your usable territory. This will cost some items, but you will also need more space for building the newly unlocked buildings! So by all means, it will be worth it therefore don’t forget to unlock new land whenever you can!

Clear up more space

In the newly unlocked space, you will have to first clear out all the debris and corals because they will keep you from being able to build more! This can cost Shovels usually, but you will obtain more from completing missions and leveling up, or even from the roulette! All you have to do is tap on the item blocking the path (coral or trash) and drag and drop the shovel over it!

These would be all of our Aquarium Park tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more cool tips that you would like to share with the rest of us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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Aquarium Farm Cheats: Tips & Guide to Set Up the Best Aquarium


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