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The craziest and biggest water slide in the world has just opened, and you are in the front of the line! is a high-energy race to the finish as you barrel down the giant water slide, zooming past other players. You are also equipped with a hang glide, so leap out of the slide and fly for freedom! Our cheats and tips will show how to beat the competition!

Do not just go down the water slide – go down it in style! Our cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will show you how to do just that!

Knock out other players!

If you slide up the side of another play, quickly swipe in their direction to knock them out of the slide. You will get bonus coins every time you do this, and hopefully you might even knock them out of the race, so try it at every chance you get! If you need to speed up, stay still for a bit and you should eventually reach the person ahead of you.

Be careful – other players will try to do the same to you! If you get knocked around, do your best to stay in the slide. Even if you do get launched out of the slide, do not panic – just find the nearest entry point back on!

Get a boost from other players!

Sometimes, if you are near another player, you will see a little yellow arrow next to them. If you slide on by alongside them, you will gain a super speed boost, pushing you ahead of the group! Keep an eye out for these arrows, and take them whenever you see them!

Another way to get a speed boost is to simply let other players bump you up a bit. If you see another player slowly creeping up on you from behind, try to stay ahead of them and keep them directly behind you. If they bump into you from behind, you will be blasted forward a bit!

Do cool jumps to get coins!

A little disclaimer: at this moment of writing, you can do absolutely nothing with coins so far, so we can only expect a future update to have things you can buy. But, for those who want to rack up the coins now, one of the best ways to do so is to jump out of the slide and hang glide somewhere. The farther you go, the more coins you will get! You also get coins for knocking players out of the slide as well.

Do not just go straight to the end!

It is very possible to jump out of the slide early on and hang glide straight to the finishing pool. While you CAN do this, you will not gain any coins out of it. Though, since coins are useless right now, you can still do this if you really wanted to. But, for more fun, we recommend trying to knock out as many players as you can when you are going down the slide!

Watch out for obstacles!

When you get to the later water slides, you will start encountering orange blocks on the slide. Running into one of these blocks will cause you to lose a ton of speed, and this will allow many players to quickly pass you up. Be sure to not run into them, and if you can try to knock other players into them to mess them up!

That’s all for! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. You do realize that those are bots, not other players… this game literally sucks. The A.I rubber band and teleport to you when you get ahead


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