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Apeirophobia: How to Survive Partygoers

Apeirophobia: How to Survive Partygoers

Apeirophobia is one of the most popular horror adventure experiences on Roblox, thanks to its incredibly creepy atmosphere and intense survival horror game play. Apeirophobia’s latest chapter is finally here, and one of the new levels sees players explore a level full of party decorations, but there’s something a little off about the Partygoers. Today, we’ll show you how to survive Partygoers in Apeirophobia!

Evading the Partygoers in Apeirophobia

The Partygoers are one of the new threats in this update for Apeirophobia. If you tried to get through the level 13 normally, there’s a good chance you got ambushed by an unknown threat. That’s because Partygoers are completely invisible to the naked eye! Their physical forms will only appear through the lens of your camera.

Partygoers are incredibly dangerous because they make very little sound. The only audio cue you get when they’re close is a sort of “poof” sound effect—this signifies that a Partygoer has teleported close to you, so make sure you keep your head on a swivel to avoid getting ambushed.

To keep Partygoers from chasing after you, you’ll need to equip your camera and keep them in focus. As long as your camera is pointed at the Partygoers, they will freeze completely. They’ll only move if you break line of sight with them or turn your back to them.

Partygoers look like brown characters holding a red balloon.

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To maneuver around a Partygoer, take out your camera, keep them in sight, and carefully back step and sidestep to your destination. When you need to turn around, do so quickly to give yourself some time before the Partygoer gets uncomfortably close. Once you get behind a solid wall or obstacle, Partygoers should temporarily give up the chase.

Be very careful not to look at a Partygoer for too long with the camera, as they will eventually break free and teleport around again, even sometimes directly behind you!

To recap, listen for the poof sound effect to know when a Partygoer is nearby. Equip your camera to reveal the location of the Partygoer, then keep it in your sights. Keep moving to where you need to go, and don’t look at the Partygoer for too long.

That concludes our guide on how to survive Partygoers in Apeirophobia. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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Apeirophobia: How to Survive Partygoers


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