Another Eden Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Start the Adventure

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When a young man is transported into the distant future after a harrowing series of events, the world as he knows it is turned upside down. Another Eden is a new single-player Japanese RPG from veteran developers of the genre.

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As Aldo, you will travel through landscapes beyond this realm to find your kidnapped sister. Our Another Eden cheats and tips will start your adventure with some beginning tips and tricks.

Another Eden is a grand adventure, so we will provide you with some helpful lasting tips to keep your journey as smooth as possible. Let’s get started with our Another Eden cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to start the adventure!

Complete side quests!

Yellow exclamation marks will appear over NPCs when they have a side quest for you. These townsfolk have something that ails them, and it is up to you like a good RPG hero to help them solve their problems.

While these may seem like busy work and you may want to get back to the main story, it helps to stop for a while and take the time to complete these.

Not only will you gain some experience from the inevitable monsters you will fight, but you will also gain some nice rewards for your troubles like Chronos Stones and Low Class Scrolls, which help you level up faster. You will get materials too, some of which are highly valuable!

Keep an eye out for materials!

When you are running through the open fields, always keep an eye out for sparkly stuff on the ground. These are materials you can collect, which can be later sold for Git at the blacksmith shops.

That is not all though – selling certain materials will unlock new weapons and armor for purchase at the shops. This is the way to obtain better gear, so get as many materials as you can!

Take advantage of the Reserve line!

Party members who are not a part of the front line but are in the active party are considered to be “reserve”. When a party member is in reserve, they will regenerate HP and MP every time a turn is taken in battle, so be sure to let some of your party members rest for a bit while the others keep fighting.

This is useful for getting through long dungeons without having to teleport back to an inn to rest.

Use Valor Chants for buffs!

One more thing about reserves is that each party member has a special ability called a “Valor Chant”. Valor Chants are party-wide buffs that activate whenever the party members is switched back into the front lines.

These buffs can range from increased resistances to higher attack power, but the one caveat is that these Valor Chant buffs usually only last for a turn or two.

If you are about to launch a powerful attack with your entire party, it may help to buff right before you do so to amplify the effect. Valor Chant buffs require some precise timing, but they can turn the tide of battle for you!

Grind it out and get better gear for bosses!

The game will warn you when you are about to enter a boss fight. If you are having difficulties with a particular boss, remember that Another Eden is, at its core, a traditional Japanese RPG.

What does that mean, exactly? You can simply grind it out and fight random enemies until you level up for better stats. Do not forget about your Low Class scrolls too!

On top of that, make sure you are leveling everyone’s boards up. You gain permanent stat increases and unlock new skills every time you advance on the board. A party member gains one AP everytime they level up, so do not forget about it.

Make sure your equipment is all up to date. Exclusive gear is not always the best gear, even though it is usually the cheapest. You may want to spring for better gear to get through tough fights.

Revisit Horrors!

In every field map lies Horrors, ferocious monsters that are usually three times the level as the regular monsters on that field map. On your first time through a new zone, you will probably be too low level to take them on, but when you are powered up later in the game, you should revisit earlier zones and take on the Horrors. They provide a lot of XP and they can drop rare materials!

Something to note is that Horrors are often guarding chests containing nice stuff. Normally you would have to fight them, but with some deftness you might be able to trick the Horrors.

When you get close to a Horror, the screen will turn red and they will begin to chase you. If you have enough space, you can lure a Horror out of its normal position and then grab the chest. Make sure you have a way out!

That’s all for Another Eden! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Another Eden Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Start the Adventure

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