Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons spices up the series’ formula quite a bit by introducing tons of new features and mechanics, but at its heart, it’s still the Animal Crossing experience that we know and have come to love since 2002.

Lacking many of the features of modern video games and featuring a very unique progression system, what really sets our gear in motion when playing Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting some specific villager to come live on the island we have spent so many hours improving. There’s a huge amount of villagers that may decide to come to live with you, so it’s really difficult to pick a favorite, but there are some true standouts that you really should try the hardest to make them come to your island.

Animal Crossing Villager Tier List: The 10 Best Villagers in New Horizons

10. Ribbot

Most Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers are animals, but a few of them escape any sort of definition. Ribbot is definitely among them.

Ribbot, also known as Gacha in Japan, is a robotic frog with a jock personality that likes fitness. Which is somewhat weird, considering a metallic robot can’t really get fit, but this is why we like this villager so much: with an industrial-themed house, and a very iconic design, there is no way that any Animal Crossing New Horizon players wouldn’t want Ribbot on their island!

9. Marina

If you have a taste for the unexpected or the unusual, then you really have no reason not to want Marina on your island.

In case her name did not give it away, Marina has a deep and meaningful relationship with the ocean, as she is an octopus. And if things couldn’t get even more unusual, she is a pink octopus with eight tentacles that function as arms and legs. Feeling spooked yet? You really shouldn’t, as Marina is a sweetheart with a normal personality and a very tidy house that will brighten up each and every day on your island if you manage to make her one of your villagers.

8. Zucker

If you thought Marina was the weirdest villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons, prepare to be surprised, as Zucker is possibly even weirder, despite him being an octopus as well.

If you like Japanese food, then it is impossible not to notice how much Zucker resembles a walking Takoyaki, a popular type of Japanese street food consisting of a ball of fried dough with a piece of octopus meat in the center and a special sauce on top. I know it is impossible to resist, but you should try to avoid biting Zucker, as that’s the perfect way to make the lazy octopus leave your island, never to return.

7. Beardo

A bear with a beard and a smug personality that gets along with all sorts of villagers. What’s there not to love?

Beardo is among those Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers that is impossible not to love. With his iconic appearance and witty dialogues, you have pretty much every reason to invite him to live on your island. Make sure to visit him every now and then to experience his fine taste in interior design as well!

6. Fauna

If weird or edgy villagers are not something that you particularly fancy having on your island, we have the perfect villager for you. Say hello to your next favorite villager, Fauna.

This cute as a button normal deer villager will charm you with her sweet personality, her soothing looks, and her welcoming house which features most of the Wooden-block series fully customized to look great in conjunction with the color palette of the house’s exterior. Truly, it does not get more charming than this.

5. Chevre

If, for whatever weird reason, you cannot stand deer, there is another soothing villager that you should try to get on your island: the dreamy Chevre.

This cute normal goat villager will charm you with her big, shiny blue eyes, and will also make your island a much better place with her equally charming house. This is a goat that loves music, as highlighted by the piano and the record player found in her house, so make sure to make your island a place where music is always cherished, no matter what.

4. Bob

Normal villagers are all well and good until you start getting bored of them. In this case, we have the perfect solution for this: get Bob to live on your island!

This lazy cat villager never fails to make you giggle with the grin always on his face and laid back personality that makes him get along with pretty much every other villager. But only if they do not try to make him do some work: he has his hands full enjoying some fishing and talking with his fellow lazy villagers about comics, food and everything that has to do with relaxing. Pretty much like most of us, isn’t it?

3. Raymond

If a cat in a business suit is not Animal Crossingy enough for you, I feel like you are playing New Horizons for all the wrong reasons!

Raymond continues to be one of the most popular villagers in the Animal Crossing series for some very good reasons. This smug cat is very polite and kind, and will treat all the other villagers with respect. Sure, he does like going on about how cool he is from time to time, but your villagers will forgive him for it: he is indeed that cool! And so is his house, which is the perfect house for any cat that has to keep any sort of business going.

2. Marshal

Do not be fooled by Marshal’s smug face. He is as much as a sweetheart as most of the other villagers, and one you want to get on your island if you want all of them to get along with one another.

Being a smug squirrel villager, Marshal, whom reminds me of marshmallows for some reason, will get along with pretty much every other villager, with the exception of cranky villagers, but who in their right mind would fill their island with them anyway. Sure, like Raymond, he likes to boast every now and then, but looking at his cafè-themed house, we really have to give it to him: he really knows what he is doing!

1. Stiches

Weird villagers are great. Lazy villagers are easygoing. Smug villagers make your island a much better place. But they cannot compare to the best villager you can get in Animal Crossing New Horizon, Stitches. Why, you ask? Because he is all this, and so much more.

It’s undeniable how Sticthes’ looks make him instantly recognizable. And even a little scary, as this lazy cub actually looks like a worn stuffed animal, complete with multi-colored patches. Despite his appearance, which some would find more suited for a horror game, and not something as relaxing as Animal Crossing, Stitches will work his way into your heart with his easygoing nature and kid-themed house, which features furniture from your mom. It really does feel like traveling back to a simpler time, doesn’t it?

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