Welcome back villagers! Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is enjoying a steady playerbase, and Nintendo is more than happy to provide us with fun new activities. In the game’s latest update, we have a new adventure to undergo!

Starting today lasting through February 12, players can take part in Blather’s Treasure Trek! Yes, long time fans may recognize Blathers as the head of the museum. Before you can take on the treks, you will need to gather maps.

Maps are acquired by fulfilling the Blather’s Treasure Trek goals. You can also find them from random balloon presents on the map and Gulliver’s Cargo Ship.

With some maps in hand, you can send Blathers off on an exciting Treasure Trek! Roll the dice to see how many spaces Blathers can move, and you may land on a space that nets you some nice goodies, like bells and craft materials. You may even befriend a new animal friend, and they can be called to your campsite!

In addition to the new minigame, a new quality-of-life change has been added. Pete’s Parcel Service will allow players to view all current animal requests on the world map. Pete, the friendly parcel delivery pelican, will keep track of all the animals and you see directly if you can fulfill their requests. This will make improving your friendship with animals much easier!

Other minor changes include friendship level maximum going up to level 30, new fruits to find and collect, and an updated campsite camera. If you have not visited your campsite in a while, now is the perfect time to jump back in!


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