Home Game Guides Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Quarry Guide – Is It Worth It?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Quarry Guide – Is It Worth It?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Quarry Guide – Is It Worth It?

If you have just started playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and you haven’t added any friends yet, you are probably wondering what’s up with the Shovelstrike Quarry. Is it worth spending 20 Leaf Tickets, which are really hard to get, on getting access there?

In today’s article, that is exactly what we’re going to talk about, and share with you a complete guide to the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp quarry.

What is the Shovelstrike Quarry?

This is an interesting spot near the camp that allows you to mine ore for big rewards. However, the rewards don’t seem to be that big in my opinion – at least definitely not worth the 20 Leaf Tickets required to enter.

The first time I got into the quarry, for example, I was rewarded with 1,000 regular coins and 4 Cute Essence. Not something to make me happy that I spent 20 Premium coins on!

Once in the Shovelstrike Quarry in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you can only mine 5 of the stones there and apparently you can get better rewards than what I got.

However, it is really difficult to anticipate the results as you dig up special ore and you don’t know exactly what value it has. Not that you have any influence over it…

So is the Shovelstrike Quarry worth it?

If you are to spend 20 Leaf Tickets each time you visit, it is surely not worth the trouble. There are much better things on which to spend your premium currency on!

However, you can get access to the quarry by asking help from your friends. This is the only way you should get there and since this is for free, it makes the quarry pretty useful at collecting resources.

But only visit it for free, with the help of your friends. Add some as quickly as possible and make sure to return the favor when they need help to get into the quarry.

A nice trick to get your friends notice your requests sooner is by visiting their places immediately after sending the Shovelstrike quarry request and giving Kudos. They will be notified by this and most likely see your help request as well.

So this would be it about the quarry in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Not as spectacular as you’re tempted to believe it is when you see the high admission fee, right?

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Quarry Guide – Is It Worth It?



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