Angry Birds Casual Guide: Tips & Tricks To Beating the Levels

Angry Birds has never been friendlier! Angry Birds Casual is the latest entry in the furious fowl franchise, and Rovio is targeting a more relaxed experience. Angry Birds Casual focus on easier to beat levels, simpler level structures, and a really cutesy art style to attract the whole family.

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That does not mean the game is without challenge! In our Angry Birds Casual tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of bird slinging and how to solve a level efficiently with the moves you have. Let’s get started with our Angry Birds Casual tips and tricks strategy guide to beating the levels!

Aim Carefully and Have a Plan

In Angry Birds Casual, your objective is similar to the other Angry Birds games: you need to destroy the structures that are holding the hatchlings hostage. The common hatchling you will find is encased in a little box, and the box needs to hit another surface hard enough to pop it and free the hatchling inside.

However, something new to this game is the addition of moves. Before in other Angry Birds games, you had a limited amount of birds. In Angry Birds Casual, you now have a move counter, and the birds you get are randomized each level.

If you run out of moves, you will lose a life and be forced to restart the level. To prevent this from happening, you must aim carefully and always have a plan of attack. Do not just throw birds wildly at the structures hoping that it will just come down on its own!

Using Each Bird Effectively

Just like the other Angry Birds games, each bird has their own unique abilities that activate when you launch them. Using each one effectively is the key to clearing each level without using too many moves!

Red, the leader of the bunch, acts like a homing missile. When he reaches the apex of his launch, he will start zooming all over the place destroying the nearest blocks or boxes near him. He is very helpful for automatically breaking open hard-to-reach boxes.

Chuck dashes in a straight line when he hits his apex. Everything in his path is destroyed, making him just as useful for reaching buried pieces and hatchlings. He is also perfect for destroying foundations, which can bring the whole building down!

Bomb detonates upon contact, destroying anything caught in the blast radius. He is also great at destroying foundations just like Chuck is because of the strength of his explosions.

Stella will create a bubble upon contact, lifting a few pieces of the building around her into the air. The bubble will move towards the right for a little bit, then it will pop dropping all of the pieces inside.

Silver will drop straight down when she collides with the first object. She is basically like Chuck except down instead of to the side. If you need to take out a specific block that is buried under other blocks, she is your go-to bird.

Each bird is used effectively in different locations of the building, so make sure you study your trajectories before you launch!

Use Debris to your Advantage

The best way to rescue the hatchlings is not a simple “destroy everything” mindset, but rather a more tactical approach. Try to systematically destroy parts of the buildings so that the debris that comes down will result in a chain reaction of destruction, which means more hatchlings freed of their own accord.

In fact, this is – again – the best way to tackle most of the buildings in Angry Birds Casual: always aim for the foundation or weak points. The buildings are almost always set up with a specific strategy in mind, and the key is to find what that strategy is.

There are certain types of blocks that can help with collateral destruction. Cement blocks for example fall faster and are heavier, giving them more power over wooden blocks.

When you get to the second set of levels, you will also start encountering jelly blocks. These blocks are pretty tough, and if they get hit they will bounce around with a lot of force, enabling them to destroy a lot of blocks.

Use your Coins for Continuing

If you use up all of your moves without completing all of the parts of a level, you will fail and lose a life. However, you are given the option to continue with three more moves if you pay up some coins.

There does not seem to be anything else you can spend coins on in Angry Birds Casual, as there are no boosters of any sort. So, go ahead and do not worry about saving up your coins for something big.

Using Rage Effectively

As you destroy blocks, a blue meter at the top left corner of the screen will fill up. This is the rage meter, and when it is filled you can activate it to make your next bird amplified. Activating rage will make your bird’s abilities super crazy awesome; Bomb’s explosions are super huge, Stella’s bubbles can carry a ton of stuff, and so forth.

Remember that rage must be activated manually in order to use it. This means that you can save your rage for a bird that can really help you out by just using a bird normally and waiting for the next one.

Dealing with Special Blocks and Contraptions

Over your journey you will encounter different blocks than the standard metal and wooden blocks. These blocks have their own unique properties and you must play around them in order to beat the level.

Yellow blocks are completely indestructible so this means that you need to work around them. They are often set up in a way so that it leads you to attack a certain part of the level, so make sure to study them before you start slingshotting birds.

Pink blocks are the aforementioned bouncy blocks that will fly all over the place if they are given enough room to bounce around. These blocks are actually pretty helpful as they will often destroy other parts of the structure if they can bounce around enough.

Ropes will hang onto a block or a hatchling, and in order to cut them a bird must fly through the rope. Ropes are often hanging onto other stuff too, like TNT, so be on a lookout and see if you can drop some more debris onto the building!

Eventually you will also start encountering chains. Chains hold onto things like ropes do, except they are much more sturdier and cannot be broken. To get past them, you need to dislodge or break the block that the chain is anchored to.

Plan your Attack

That is about all of the tips we have. Study the layout of the structure, use your birds effectively, use rage at the right moment, and know how to deal with all of the special blocks. With that info, you should be able to beat all of the levels!

That is all for Angry Birds Casual! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Angry Birds Casual Guide: Tips & Tricks To Beating the Levels

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