Android users across the world can now sample a slice of Las Vegas without risk to their bank balance, as Hit the 5! Casino has now arrived on Google Play. Players in European regions will need to wait a little longer for the game, but is set for release in the near future.

Webzen’s free-to-play social title lets players try their luck on a range of digital slot machines, each boasting unique themes, challenges and visuals. In-app purchases are entirely optional, as progression is tied to gameplay.

Slots on offer at launch include the Greek mythology-themed Hera the Greek Goddess and Moon Wolf, which has users lining up mystical wolves and lunar symbols. Coin Fever, meanwhile, is a traditional Vegas slot machine free of narrative components.

Hit the 5! Casino players are also encouraged to get social by taking part in tournaments against fellow virtual casino dwellers from around the world. Users can also exchange the rewards they earn with one another via the gifts swapping feature.

Aimed at players aged 21 and over, Hit the 5! Casino is fresh out of soft launch in Australia, and Webzen has promised to bring new content to the game via future updates.

Hit the 5! Casino is now available to download from Google Play. Those after further information can find it on the game’s official website and Facebook page.


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