There comes a time in every kitty’s life where things just do not seem right. The feeling of not belonging lingers around like a bad stench, and the motivation to get up and just go gets stronger and stronger with every passing day.

Kiki, fed up with her day-to-day routine of boring city life, has hit this point. Through a chance encounter on a rainy day, Kiki learns that a tropical island is having a sale on beachfront property, and this is all she needs to spring into her new life!

Welcome to Kiki’s Vacation, HyperBeard Games’ latest creation. Featuring an adorable art style, an all too real plot, and plenty of fun and relaxing activities too, Kiki’s Vacation is the ultimate getaway game to just chill out to.

On Kokoloko Island, there are plenty of shops, activities, and people to see. Shells – yes, the same kind of shells that wash up on the beach – are used as the island’s primary currency, so make sure to go on your lovely beach strolls every day. Spend those shells to buy scrumptious food, lovely new furnishings for your quaint little shack, or just go out for drinks!

All of the islanders are friendly and welcoming, and Kiki needs some friends to make the most out of her new life. Each islander has their own unique personality, and while you might get along right away, with time and patience lasting friendships can be forged.

Kiki’s Vacation also uses your device’s internal clock to play out the game in real time. Different shops and islanders will be around depending on the time of day, so make sure you come back every now and then to see what the island offers.

How will you live out Kiki’s new life? Kiki’s Vacation is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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