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Among Us Guide: Tips & Strategies To Win More Matches

Among Us Guide: Tips & Strategies To Win More Matches

Among Us is a co-operative and competitive mafia-style party game, where players are crewmates working to get a spaceship up and running. However, one player among them is randomly chosen as the imposter, and they will stop at nothing to ensure that the ship never takes off!

In Touch Tap Play’s Among Us tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game and important things to know when you are playing both roles. We also have some tips for you to make it easier discovering the imposter… or take out the entire ship if that is more your style, so let’s get started with our Among Us cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to win more matches!

Winning as the Crewmate

As the Crewmate, your job is to perform all of the tasks listed on your task list at the top left corner of the screen. This may include things like rewiring electrical components, delivering files, cleaning out garbage, among other menial tasks.

Every time you complete a task, the task gauge increases, and when it is completely filled the Crewmates with the game. Of course, it will not be a walk in the park as one of the players is an Imposter who is trying to kill you!

In order to survive and complete as many tasks as possible, here are a few things you can keep in mind while playing as the Crewmate.

(This Among Us guide was first published on Touch Tap Play)

1. Stay Alert and Pay Attention

This is the most obvious yet probably underestimated aspect about being a Crewmate; your eyes and ears are your most powerful weapon. As you are walking around the ship, keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious.

Is there a Crewmate that is moving a little erratically? Is someone just hanging around one spot, almost as if they are waiting for something? Is someone following you a little too closely?

If anything feels off, it is usually a good idea to trust your instinct. Remember that if you spot anything out of the ordinary, you can hit the big red button in the Cafeteria to have an emergency meeting.

Before you start a task, make sure nobody is really close to you. Most task windows take up the center portion of the screen, but you can still see around the edges. This ensures that if someone is approaching you, you will at least have a chance to see them coming.

2. Group Up

We know that this is not really feasible most of the time, but you should always try to partner up with at least two other crewmates. This way, if one of them ends up being the Imposter they probably will not try anything funny to keep their identity secret.

Crewmates will get tasks that take them all over the ship, so there will not be many times where you can reliably do this. However, if you are traveling from one task to the other and you spot one person, try to keep your distance until you get near at least one other person.

3. Use the Admin Map & Security Cameras

On every map there are Admin and Security rooms. In the Admin room, all players can access a virtual map. This map functions similarly to your personal map, but it shows the locations of all players.

The only problem is that it does not show names or colors, so you do not know who is who. Still though, this is useful for getting a general idea of where potential danger / help can be.

In addition to that, there is also a Security room where players can utilize the Security cameras. Each map has cameras located around different regions of the map – usually in high traffic areas.

If you think something bad is about to happen, it does not hurt to take a peek at the cameras. You might end up catching the Imposter red handed!

4. Watch for Vent Activity

Imposters have the unique ability to duck into nearby vents. This completely hides them from view, but they cannot go anywhere until they exit the vent. If you see someone do this, it is a dead giveaway – they are the Imposter, no doubt!

If you witness this in a real game, quickly retreat back to the Cafeteria and start an emergency meeting and make your case, but make sure you do it well because people might not believe you at first.

Be careful when you are retreating – if the Imposter realizes you saw them, they will stop at nothing to kill you in your tracks to prevent you from reaching the Cafeteria!

5. You Can Still Win as a Ghost

You will inevitable be killed by the Imposter, but do not give up! If you were not the last person alive, you will respawn as a ghost. You can talk with any other players who have been killed, but you cannot communicate with players who are still alive.

As a ghost, you can travel all over the ship and pass through walls easily. The best part? You can still interact with objects, so if you had any tasks left over before you died you can still complete them and help your team progress towards victory.

The only catch is that you do not receive anymore tasks when you finish your current ones. Still, every little bit helps, so make sure to finish what you started!

6. Deal with Critical Emergencies Quickly

Two of the five sabotages the Imposter can dish out are considered critical tasks, and if not dealt with in a timely manner will end the game for the Crewmates!

The first one is oxygen failure. The Imposter can cause the oxygen generator to fail, which will suffocate all of the Crewmates. To fix this, you will need two Crewmates in the O2 room to use the touch pads at the same time.

The second is reactor meltdown. The Imposter will overload the ship’s reactor, causing it to melt and destroy the ship. Just like the O2, you need two Crewmates to use the touch pads in the Reactor room at the same time.

Be careful, as the Imposter can use this to manipulate the Crewmates. A critical task will naturally bring most of the players to the room in question, but there are always a few players who will not show up – they might actually be the Imposter, or they were afraid of being picked off… in which case the Imposter might be standing right next to you!

This can go either way, so to help you come to a conclusion just try to keep track of who showed up and who did not, as it may – not guaranteed – help you narrow it down.

7. Communicate!

This goes without saying but a crew who openly talks about everything they have seen is one that is more likely to succeed in discovering the Imposter.

When an emergency meeting happens, be sure to tell your team about what you have seen, through your own eyes and through the admin map and cameras. Every little detail can help!

Remember that you can start your own emergency meeting by hitting the button, but you only have a limited number of attempts so make sure you have something important to report.

As a side note, starting an emergency meeting (or reporting a dead body) automatically transports all players into the Cafeteria regardless of what they were doing, so you might even inadvertently save someone’s life!

Winning as the Imposter

As the Imposter, your goal is to murder all of the crewmates on board – do not let a single one live! To accomplish this, you will have to either manually assassinate each of the crewmates one by one, or cause a catastrophic failure.

To achieve total decimation, the Imposter has a number of tools as their disposal, so let’s go over all of your options.

1. Be Discreet

The quickest way to out yourself as the Imposter is to be painfully obvious that you are going to attack someone. Things like not performing tasks and following people suspiciously close will get you noticed pretty quickly by keen-eyed players.

Make sure that you that you present yourself as a normal Crewmate! You will need to stand in front of objects to make it look like you are working on tasks, and do not move around strangely if there are multiple people around.

If you think people are starting to suspect you, try to duck away from them. Find a vent but wait until you are out of sight of other Crewmates, then duck into the vent to lay low for a while.

2. The Art of Assassination

The most straightforward way to kill a Crewmate is to get close to them until they are highlighted, then tap the kill button next to your sabotage button. A short cutscene will play, and the Crewmate will be dead.

Obviously, you do not want anyone around to witness the murder. It should only be you and your target – nobody else! This is why that it is preferable that you take out isolated Crewmates that are in rooms.

Going after a Crewmate moving around through the halls is a lot riskier, as you are more likely to have some random passerby see the whole thing. It is usually best to stalk your target from a safe distance until they start working on a task.

3. Watch out for Cameras

As we mentioned earlier, Crewmates can access the security cameras that are located around various points of the ship. These cameras show a real-time feed, so if you kill anyone while you are within range of a camera, you will be busted!

As you prepare to assassinate someone, take note of your surroundings and make sure to keep track of any cameras nearby. If a camera starts to blink red, be careful – that means someone is actively watching the camera feed.

Wait until you are out of view, then go for the kill. Alternatively, you can also cut power to the cameras which we will go over below.

4. Basic Sabotage Strategies

At any point in time the Imposter can sabotage various facilities and equipment around the ship, making their job a little bit easier. Timing your sabotages well is the key to winning as the Imposter, so here are some tips to help you become a sabotage pro!

The most basic sabotage is locking doors. Each room has a button with a red X on it – tapping this button will cause the room’s door to slam shut and lock itself for a few seconds.

You can lock someone in a room with you to off them without anyone seeing it, but beware as there may be people on the other side trying to get in – a locked door will make them immediately suspicious, so make sure you have a vent to hide in.

One trick we like to do is to use the admin map and look at any rooms where there are multiple people in. Without actually being in the room yourself, you can lock the door to that room, which will probably cause everyone inside to start freaking out.

If you are lucky enough, this might make people paranoid enough to suspect that one of the Crewmates they were trapped with might be the Imposter!

The second basic sabotage is cutting the lights. The Electrical room will have a lightning bolt button – tapping this will cut power to the lights, making it much harder for Crewmmates to see. Your vision is unaffected.

While cutting the lights has no direct effect, it certainly does help stir up the Crewmates, since they cannot see to well. You are much more like to get away with an assassination under the guise of shadows, so make liberal use of cutting the lights.

However, it is important to note that you cannot do any other sabotages when the lights are down – your cooldowns will only start to run once someone has repaired the lights. Spend this time killing off as many Crewmates as you can!

The final basic sabotage is disrupting communications. When comms are down, Crewmates are unable to see their task list or markers on the map. This is great for slowing down the Crewmates’ task progress if they are completing tasks too fast, and good for general confusion.

Additionally, security cameras, admin maps, and other facilities will be unavailable during the comms outage, making it a good time to strike.

5. Critical Sabotage Strategies

The first critical sabotage is disabling oxygen support, which is the O2 button. Similar to cutting the lights, critical sabotages disable any other sabotage, so you will need to commit to it.

In most cases, to restart O2 support, one Crewmate must punch in a code in the O2 room while another Crewmate must confirm it in the Admin room.

The second critical sabotage is melting the ship’s reactor core. To disable this, there are two touch pads that must be used at the same time by two different Crewmates. They are both in the same room as the Reactor itself.

When you activate a critical sabotage, you should expect most – if not all – players to immediately head to the affected rooms. During this time you can pick off any stragglers that you may happen to come across.

However, some Crewmmates may choose to ignore the warnings, believing that the others have it under control. In this instance, you can hunt down lone targets yourself!

And something very risky but incredibly rewarding to pull off is to attempt to fix the problem yourself. If not that many Crewmates show up, take the initiative and pretend to activate the keypad or touch pad, but do not actually do something.

If you time this just right – when there is hardly any time remaining – you may just waste enough time to complete the critical failure, which will immediately win the game for you!

As we mentioned though, this is extremely risky and if you attempt it too early, one of the Crewmates is bound to notice you intentionally wasting time, which is a pretty dead giveaway.

Critical sabotages are very powerful but only if used right – improper use may end up with the Crewmates discovering your true identity faster than usual!

6. Map Differences

We consider The Skeld to be the main map of the game, and most of your matches will happen here. But you may eventually play on the other two maps, both of which have their own unique mechanics, so you will want to have a heads up.

On MIRA HQ, there are no doors save for one decontamination chamber connecting the main hallway to the reactor. There is also a door log that can be accessed in the Comms room, which logs every time a Crewmate passes by one of the three sensors installed around the HQ.

There is a north sensor, a southeast sensor, and a southwest sensor. Expert players will make delinquent use of the door log to make sure if alibis hold any water, so be careful where you move.

On Polus, there is an O2 room but there is no system to sabotage. There are many more security cameras around the site, making it harder to remain stealthy.

The biggest thing is that the vents are actually holes in the ground connected by tunnels. You can hop into a hole and use it to pop out of another one somewhere else on the map, which opens up a lot of possibilities! Make sure to get the most out of it.

7. Deceit and Deflection

In the end, even the most nimblest of Imposters will eventually begin to be suspect after some time has passed into the match. At this point, your only defense left is your own ability to lie through your teeth!

If the fingers start to get pointed towards you, then you must do your best to make your case. Make up a believable alibi but make sure not to come off too strong – if you try to pin things on other players all the time, it will make you look very suspicious.

The key is to trick the others into thinking you are a victim, and the Imposter is trying their hardest to make you look like the bad guy. You have to back this up with actions though – if you behave throughout the match in front of the Crewmates, they are more likely to believe you.

That concludes our guide on Among Us! With some basic strategies, you should be able to win more matches. But of course there are endless amount of strategies for this game, so let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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