Almost a Hero: Lia’s Archery Challenge Guide & Details

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A brand new update has just been released for Almost a Hero and its biggest feature is the addition of the Lia’s Archery Challenge event: a “hero story” that you can complete until October 14th.

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In today’s article, we’re going to learn everything about Lia’s Archery Challenge in our guide, in order to complete the 55 levels ASAP and get the most out of this fun event, so read on for our tips and tricks!

Chances are that, if you’ve been playing the game for a while now, you will not have any real problem completing this event. But do prepare for a longer trip, not the type of event that’s finished in a few hours. But this is the fun part about it in my opinion!

Lia’s Archery Challenge: Things to Know

Hopefully this won’t be the last time we’re seeing a hero story in the game. They are fun and come with new rewards, new gameplay and new costumes. Plus, you get to put to work some of the heroes that you’re not really using constantly.

Lia’s Archery Challenge unlocks as soon as you reach stage 140 in Almost a Hero. If you have already passed it, you will receive an in-game message that the event has been unlocked and it will be available from the main screen.

The best part about this event is that you can play it non stop: if you are using Lia in the main adventure or in any other game mode… you can still progress in the event as well.

The event itself consists of completing all the 55 levels before the event itself is over. Doing so, you receive rewards: Badges in your Achievements section, but most importantly new outfits or other goodies that can be bought with tickets that you receive as rewards received for completing Lia’s Archery Challenge.

As you can see in the image above, you can get cool new outfits for Lia, Hilt or Nanna, but also Gems, Scraps, Tokens, Chests and Trickets. A lot of good stuff!

The game mode itself plays a bit differently – with new upgrades and skills available, as well as a brand new Prestige mechanic, but overall things are very similar and you should have no problem having a ton of fun with this new game mode and event.

But things can get even better if you play it smart, so let’s check out a few basic tips and tricks below!

Lia’s Archery Challenge: Tips & Tricks

1. Collect those arrows for target practice!

Each time Lia misses a shot, the arrow remains on the ground. You can collect those arrows and fill up the meter for her special move, which unleashes a flurry of arrows towards the targets.

So make sure to constantly collect those missed arrows and fill up the meter: but don’t just get them all at once: collect just enough to fill up the meter and leave the others on the ground to get a head-start again after the arrows are shot.

2. Prestige every few levels

In this game mode, you should prestige a bit more often than you normally do in the main Adventure, since you want Lia to have the highest possible boosts in order for you to reach level 55 ASAP.

I recommend you to try and prestige as soon as you are 3-5 levels above your previous prestige. Also prestige as soon as you log back in after a longer break. It is time consuming, but you will still get there to the end faster than if you don’t prestige at all (or you wait for too long before doing so).

3. Watch ads to get the dragon’s bonuses

I still haven’t received a dragon that you can tap and collect rewards from immediately – all of them required me to spend tokens or watch an ad.

I always choose to watch an ad because I love to hoard tokens and the rewards are great. So whenever you see the dragon flying, tap it and watch the ad for the bonus!

4. Getting upgrades the right way

As you progress through the levels, you unlock new set of upgrades that you can purchase for Lia. Make sure to keep an eye on new sets especially, as you will be able to purchase new ones at a much lower cost.

Each set’s upgrades increase their price the more you buy, but each new set starts from a low value. Therefore, as soon as you unlock a new set focus on getting some upgrades there first since they are cheap and extremely useful.

As for what to get, each set comes with different things, so it’s difficult to give recommendations for all.

I personally think that the best approach is to buy 1 upgrade in each category first, then focus on things that are not directly related to Lia hitting targets (because she won’t always do so).

Instead, get upgrades for hit chance increases, attack speed increases and other bonuses received from hitting specific targets or such. Otherwise things are too random for you to plan them out.

5. Get the right skills each time

New skills unlock whenever you hit a new level milestone and they can really help you (or put you in a spot where you have a tough choice to make).

You will always have to select one skill out of the three offered – and each time, you will have the option to spend some gems to reroll.

You will actually have to reroll often here as otherwise you can end up with hit chances of 0% for some targets… or other crazy stuff.

If things get bad with the skills received and you don’t want to spend diamonds, you can always prestige and start over… but you will almost always end up having to make a tough skill-related choice.

And this is the reason why I would recommend you to never select something that reduces the hit chance of a target as long as you have a different option: eventually, you will only get hit chance reductions and you’ll be forced to select one.

6. Complete quests to earn tickets

It’s not as important to reach level 55 as it is to complete all the Side Quests that you receive in the game.

These (as well as the main story quests) will reward you with tickets that can be spent on a bunch of things in the store, as I mentioned already earlier.

I would personally recommend you to grab the things that are really useful, like the Gems Chests, but if you like a costume (or more), you should obviously wait until you have enough to get it. But only do so if you really use the character often, otherwise it’s a waste of tickets.

And this would be all that I have to tell you about Lia’s Archery Challenge in Almost a Hero: a great new event that is hopefully not the last of this kind in the game.

If you have additional questions or tips for fellow players, let us know by commenting below. Also, if you want to read more guides for this game, click here to do so.

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Almost a Hero: Lia’s Archery Challenge Guide & Details

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