All Wyvern Varient Locations in Fjordur ARK Survival Evolved


ARK Survival Evolved is an incredibly exciting multiplayer survival game. Players have to survive in a world inhabited by many different dinosaurs and monsters. However, at the start, the player only has a couple of rags instead of clothes. You will have to survive and explore the world in search of resources, food, and weapons. Also, players have created many different mods. And in this guide, we will tell you about all Wyvern locations in Fjordur ARK Survival Evolved.

Where to Find All Wyvern in Fjordur

Even though ARK Survival Evolved is still in development, many fans have already created mods. Some of them add new items and some of the whole maps. And Fjordur is a mod that belongs to the second type. This is a player-created map in the Nordic style. On this map, you will be able to explore various snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and stone caves. Also on this map, you can find nests of 4 different types of Wyverns. However, this is difficult to do if you do not know where to look.

First, you need to get a GPS. This item can show the latitude and longitude of your location. To craft this you will need 20 Electronics and 5 Polymers. Once you get the GPS you will be able to find all the Wyverns.

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All Wyvern Varient Locations

WyvernLocation (lat, lon)
Poison Wyvern Nests12.1, 64.6
Fire Wyvern Nests84.7, 70.4
Ice Wyvern Nests64.9, 32.7
Lightning Wyvern Nests29.6, 08.3

Use your GPS to get to these coordinates. But be careful, because Wyverns do not live in open spaces and hide in caves. You can also find Wyvern eggs in the nests.

Fjordur is a very cool map in ARK Survival Evolved. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you explore it yourself for a unique experience. But if you can’t find a Wyvern, our guide is here for you.

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All Wyvern Varient Locations in Fjordur ARK Survival Evolved


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