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All the Doors Explained in Super Dungeon Maker

All the Doors Explained in Super Dungeon Maker
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When making your own dungeon in Super Dungeon Maker it is important to choose the right exits for each room. They can be simple corridors or blocked by monsters, it is entirely up to you! To make a fun and creative dungeon you need to know about each door type. Read on to see what doors and exits are available in Super Dungeon Maker.

All Doors and Exits in Super Dungeon Maker

All Doors and exits are available on the left of the screen via the top door icon. In the list you can find the Corridor, Locked Door, Monster Door, Cracked Wall, Stairs Down, and Stairs Up.

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Starting with the most simple doorway in Super Dungeon Maker, the Corridor, this is the door that simply allows the adventurer to walk through to the next room. If you want to allow the player to get to the next room without having to find a key or switch, then add a basic doorway by selecting the top option that looks like a dark open door.

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The next in the list is the Locked Door. Place a Corridor and then drag the Locked Door onto it to lock it in place. This door requires a Key which you can hide in a Bush or Chest or any other sneaky way! You could make sure the Key and Chest do not appear until the adventurer has defeated wave after wave of enemy monsters by using numbered Spawners.

Another version of the Locked Door is the Decorative Locked Door. This door requires a Jewelled Key. Unlike a regular Key, the Jewelled Key will stay in the adventurer’s inventory so they can open all future Decorative Locked Doors.

Image via Nintendo/FIRECHICK

The Monster Door is a big stone door with an evil face carved into it. To get past this door the adventurer must defeat all monsters, including bosses, in the room. To get this door you must first place a Corridor, and then drag the Monster Door onto it. The Monster Door acts like a lock that only opens when enemies have been defeated.

One of the most fun and tricky doors is the Cracked Wall. This doorway starts out as a crack and the opening can only be revealed when the adventurer uses a Bomb Power Up. If you want to be extra sneaky you could hide the Cracked Wall behind decor like ivy.

Stairs Down and Stairs Up work like corridors to the next level up or down. To check what level you are designing at that point you can check the icon on the left of your screen.

As usual, the top tip is to make sure you test play your dungeon rooms and levels to ensure the adventurer will be able to pass each room!

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All the Doors Explained in Super Dungeon Maker