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All Secrets in Idle Skilling

All Secrets in Idle Skilling
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Idle Skilling is—surprise—an idle RPG where you fight beasties and power up incrementally. It is a pretty simple and addicting idle game, but there are some well-hidden secrets that grant powerful passive bonuses when found. Here are all secrets in Idle Skilling!

All hidden secrets in Idle Skilling

There are four secret quests to find in Idle Skilling, and when you complete them, you gain a substantial permanent buff that increases your abilities in some way. As such, these secrets are very much worth finding, so let us get started.

Death’s orphaned son

Death greets you whenever you die in Idle Skilling. It simply stares at you for a few seconds while you wait for your health to recharge fully, at which point you are transported back to the realm of the living.

However, eagle-eyed players may have noticed that you can actually see Death’s health counter, which is a whopping 10 million health. So, can you do the impossible? Can you kill Death itself?

Your auto attacks deal no damage to Death, so you have to take him down using only active skills, but before you auto-revive. Needless to say, you have to be very high level before you can pull this off in time.

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If you manage to take down Death, you end up in a throne room, where you can talk to Death’s orphaned son. You are tasked with bringing back the following fish:

  • Medium Yellow Fish x 25 (Small)
  • Blue Sharks x 10 (Medium)
  • Hammerhead Sharks x 5 (Medium)

Completing this secret quest gives you 30% more kills whenever you take down a monster.

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The blacksmith’s dream

When the blacksmith reaches level 20, you can talk to him to get a quest to cure him of his fever. To level up the blacksmith, have him create lots of trinkets.

You must craft the Blacksmith’s Pills, which require a Red Herring and Ice Cube Fish to craft, both of which can be fished up at fishing level 36.

After crafting the pills, click and drag them over to the blacksmith to give him the pills. He will begin to have a fever dream, with you in it. Talk to the pig head on the stake, who gives you a quest to bring back the following:

  • Effluvium Ore x 99
  • Dubloonium Ore x 3,000
  • Dollar Fish x 10 (Small)

Completing this secret quest makes ascension give you 40% more AP.

The fisherman’s gramophone

After completing the blacksmith’s dream, visit the fisherman and talk to him to learn about his lost gramophone. Turns out that the gramophone pieces have been scattered across the entire game, so you have to find and collect all the pieces.

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  • The first piece is floating in the water, underneath your fish collection.
  • The second piece is randomly spawns on your Skillers in the Strength Mountain training area.
  • The final piece is found in the blacksmith’s dream. You can revisit the area using the secrets portal.

Go back to the docks and play the repaired gramophone, which attracts the attention of something large. Wait for the fisherman to reel in a Dollar Fish, then click on it to bait out the large fish.

You will both end up inside the large fish’s belly, and the fisherman is injured. To help him out, you need to bring the following:

  • Effluvium Ore x 1,000,000
  • Copper Ore x 9,000,000
  • Old Boots x 1,000,000

Completing this secret quest increases fishing experience earned offline and fish caught overall by 50%.

Growing a civilization

Once you have completed the previous three secret quests, you can now take on the final secret quest, which is to essentially a scavenger hunt of sorts. There are ten checkboxes that you must click hidden throughout the game. Here are all the locations:

  1. In the raids portal, the checkbox is hidden in the very bottom right corner of the ticket box that shows raid info.
  2. In the blacksmith’s dream, the checkbox is on the right edge of the screen, on a palm tree leaf.
  3. During any raid boss, there is a checkbox in between the raid boss’s portrait and their health bar.
  4. In the Gym training area, collapse the training area selection list to find a hidden checkbox.
  5. In the help screen, the checkbox is in the top right corner.
  6. On the startup screen that shows you how long you have been away from the game, there is a checkbox on the right side edge of the screen.
  7. In the green perk tab, there is a checkbox hidden behind the Midas skill, in the top right corner of its skill box.
  8. Inside the big fish that swallows you and the fisherman, there is a checkbox in the top right corner of the fish’s belly, hidden behind some flesh.
  9. In Death’s throne room, there is a checkbox directly above the throne, but below the painting.
  10. On the contracts menu, there is a checkbox on the left side of the podium.

Once you have ticked all the checkboxes, return to the portals, and you should see the secrets portal all lit up. You can now access a little civilization that grows with your playtime, starting from the second you unlock it. All outgoing damage is increased depending on how long your playtime is.

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All Secrets in Idle Skilling


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