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All Secrets and Easter Eggs in LEGO Fortnite

All Secrets and Easter Eggs in LEGO Fortnite
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LEGO Fortnite is a blend of two massively popular brands. The game puts you in an expansive map with different biomes and plenty of creatures and NPCs to encounter. But, of course, that’s not all. You can find many hidden things, too.

In fact, there’s so much to discover in LEGO Fortnite that we decided to make a complete list! Below, you’ll find all secrets and Easter Eggs in LEGO Fortnite or, more precisely, all we are aware of currently. Even the list of resources in LEGO Fortnite isn’t final and more materials could be added later. Of course, the same goes for secrets and Easter Eggs!

LEGO Fortnite Secrets and Easter Eggs

#1: Following the Rainbow

This little Easter Egg is among the most well-known. When you spot a rainbow in LEGO Fortnite, follow it to the very end. You’ll see a cloud where the rainbow ends. Instead of a pot of gold, the cloud will hide a different surprise: All characters from the Everyone Is Awesome LEGO set!

#2: A Playable Beast

Mr. Beast in LEGO Fortnite
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LEGo Fortnite has an extensive gallery of character skins that you can use in-game. However, not all players know which options are open. One of the often missed variants is a Mr. Beast figure, fully playable and ready for you to take on your next adventure. But don’t get your hopes up, as the figure doesn’t come with Mr. Beast’s budget!

#3: LLama Treasure

Although a lot of LEGO Fortnite promo materials featured the llama, this adorable animal isn’t as easy to find in the game as you would think. Worse yet, the llama’s location will be a matter of chance—there’s no set location where llamas spawn. If you manage to come across one, though, give it a harsh “petting” and you’ll get some pretty valuable rewards!

#4: Klombo Lore

So far, nobody has seen a Klombo in LEGO Fortnite, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to say about this fantastic beast. First and more familiar piece of Klombo lore is that the in-game postal service is called KlomboMail. Second and perhaps more obscure, there’s a book in LEGO Fortnite called The Klombo Incident, which indicates Klombos have some in-game lore.

#5: NPC Dance-Off

When you create a base in LEGO Fortnite, you’ll often encounter new NPCs coming to you rather than you seeking them out. These NPCs approach your base to ask if they could join it. However, the characters don’t initiate the conversation—you do. If you decide to perform an emote instead of talking to the NPC, they’ll respond in kind. Soon enough, you’ll have a genuine dance-off!

#6: Rift Encounters

Different events can trigger Rift Encounters in LEGO Fortnite. You’ll hear a special sound notifying you about the encounter, but you won’t know precisely what you’ll run into. Some of the more interesting objects that can appear from Rift Encounters include a Maoi Head and an enormous Durr Burger. Keep your eye on these special encounters, and you might find yourself standing in front of one of these curiosities.

#7: Pacifist Looting

If you find a chest surrounded by enemies, there’s a way to loot it without getting into combat. All you need to do is approach the enemies so that they notice you and give chase. Then, take them on a brief tour of the surroundings and—escape them. Once the enemy NPCs lose interest, loop back to the chest and loot it without trouble!

#8: Expressive Faces

While the characters in LEGO Fortnite are LEGO figures, their faces can say much more than a real-life piece of plastic. Pay attention to your character’s face in different situations, and you’ll see that their facial expressions change according to what’s going on. Additionally, your character will start sweating in the heat or under extra duress, and their breath will be visible when it’s particularly cold outside.

#9: Gaiser Gliding

Gaisers in LEGO Fortnite can errupt. If you stand on top of one when it erupts, the gaiser will launch you into the air. This mechanic is already familiar to many players. But, did you know that you can open a glider (if you have one) when you’re in the air and fly away? The gaiser will raise you high enough for gliding, so you can use it as a take-off point at any time!

#10: Boulder Bash

A boulder rolling towards you can spell bad news. However, in LEGO Fortnite, you can use boulders to your advantage. Push one towards your enemies, and the boulder will crush them. Better yet, you can use boulders to farm materials extremely fast. The massive chunk of rock will destroy everything in its path, making it an excellent farming tool!

#11: Escape from Wolves

LEGO Fortnite wolves can present an annoyance for very high-level players, but for many, these beast represent a grave danger. Luckily, the way these predators are programmed makes it a bit easier to handle them. If chased by a wolf, enter a bush and lay low. The animal will know you’re there, but it won’t even try to attack you.

Alternatively, climb a rock, making sure you can get high enough. In that case, the wolf will quickly lose interest in you and go away.

#12: Butterfly Treasure

Rift Butterflies are a type of Rift Encounter, but one that can grant you some amazing rewards. If you see a Rift Butterfly, make sure to follow it. The lovely insect will lead you to the ultimate prize: a chest full of loot for you to claim!

#13: Hidden First Session Rewards

There’s no shortage of rewards for completing quests in LEGO Fortnite. But did you know that some special rewards await everyone who completes their first session? After your first session is done, you’ll be granted a most interesting gift: the LEGO Fortnite exclusive music pack.

#14: Out of Sand and Into the Water

Sand Rollers are another formidable enemy that can take you by surprise. The good news is that they often spawn on sandy beach areas, and you can take advantage of your surroundings to defeat them. If you stand between a Sand Roller and the sea, the monster will roll towards you, trying to hit you. All you need to do is get out of the way and let the Sand Roller roll into the water.

#15: Staircase Defeats Rock

If you think about the best tools for farming rock, staircases certainly wouldn’t be at the top of your mind. But here’s what you should try the next time you come across some rocks: Build a staircase in front of the rock, then demolish the staircase. The falling structure will demolish the rock instantly. If you like this method, though, don’t get any ideas—the staircase doesn’t work on any other materials (as far as we know).

#16: Clearing Up the Trees

Trees in LEGO Fortnite grow back up after you cut them. While this is great for the environment, you’ll sometimes want to keep the area clear of trees. To do so, all you’ll need to do is cut down a tree, wait for some time until a sapling appears, then take out the sapling with a shower. This will prevent the tree from appearing again.

#17: Cave Glitching

If you find yourself in a cave with an opening in its ceiling, you can use this setting to glitch out of the regular game world. To do so, create several staircases first. How many stairs you’ll need to build will depend on the height of the ceiling. Once you’re near the top, build a bed, but so that it’s outside of the cave. This will take some tinkering, but you’ll get it done with enough patience. Finally, go to your new bed and then get up—you’ll find yourself glitched out of the map!

#18: Wailing Woods Bunker

One of the things that you can run into randomly in LEGO Fortnite is a peculiar yet familiar bunker. Once you approach it, you might recognize it as the bunker from the Wailing Woods in Chapter One. However, if you try to enter or destroy this bunker, you might be a bit disappointed, as those actions will yield you no special rewards. The bunker is just an Easter Egg, as pure as they come!

#19: Icy Treasures

If you find yourself in an ice cave, you might notice a wall that has a crack in it. In that case, approach that wall and start mining. The surface will break, opening up a secret room. Inside, you’ll find heaps of materials, as well as a chest loot containing various valuable rewards.

#20: XP Hyperboost

Let’s wrap up with a glitch that lets you ramp up your XP at lightning speed. For this exploit, you’ll need a friend with a game that you can join. Take on any challenge from your world and complete it. Then, exit the game and load again in your friend’s world. Complete the challenge there and load back into your own game. Rinse and repeat for insane XP gains!

This completes the list of secrets and Easter Eggs in LEGO Fortnite. If you want more walkthroughs or gaming tips and tricks, make sure to browse our Game Guides section!

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All Secrets and Easter Eggs in LEGO Fortnite