All Rare Weapons and How to Get Them in Roblox Arcane Odyssey


Arcane Odyssey is an action-packed adventure game exploring an open world filled with various islands, dangerous monsters, and entertaining quests. This game features a wide variety of weapons like bows, swords, greatswords, maces, and more. One of the most exciting aspects of this game is the collection of rare weapons, each with unique abilities and attributes. In this guide, we will talk about rare weapons in Roblox Arcane Odyssey.

Every Rare Weapon in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

1) Noble Thunderspear

Noble Thunderspear

Noble Thunderspear is one of the three weapons dropped by Lord Elius, Agent of the Order. You can find this boss in Djin Ruins. Lord Elius is the third story boss, so you will eventually have to fight him. There is a 20% chance for Lord Elius to drop Noble Thunderspear in Arcane Odyssey. As of now, Noble Thunderspear has two unlockable skills – Spear Throw and Impaling Strike.

2) Stormcaller


Stormcaller is the only rare bow-type weapon in Arcane Odyssey. If you have fought Lord Elius, you probably have noticed him raining arrows. Stormcaller can also do the same attack using its skill called Storm of Arrows. Like Noble Thunderspear, Stormcaller also has a 20% drop rate from defeating Lord Elius.

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3) Scimitars of Storm

Scimitars of Storm

Scimitars of Storm is a dual sword type weapon and is the third rare weapon dropped by Lord Elius. All three weapons obtainable from Lord Elius are strong, and each has a 20% chance of dropping. While farming for these weapons, you can also get Ravenna Noble Armor, Ravenna Noble Boots, Collared Cape, and Shroud.

4) Sunken Sword

Sunken Sword

You won’t have to go through gruesome bosses and battles to get Sunken Sword. But you will still need to spend a long time. The only way to get Sunken Sword is through fishing. There is a 1 out of 2000 chance of catching a Sunken Sword. Luckily, Arcane Odyssey has a guaranteed pity system of Sunken Sword. You are guaranteed to get a Sunken Sword after catching 3000 fish.

5) Vindicator

Vindicator (Image via YT | Territory)

Vindicator is a rare great hammer with impressive base damage, attack size, and speed. This weapon can be obtained by opening bronze sealed chests. You can get these chests by sinking enemy ships and looting them in Arcane Odyssey.

6) Poison Tooth Dagger

 Poison Tooth Dagger

Poison Tooth Dagger is obtained by defeating the dangerous sea monster called Poison Jaws. It has a special passive effect that applies poison to enemies for a short time.

7) Triasta of Bronze

Triasta of Bronze is a trident owned by King Calvus IV. You can see this trident in his hands before battling him. Triasta of Bronze is an arcanium weapon dropped by King Calvus IV. It is one of the best weapons available in Arcane Odyssey.

Many players are still discovering interesting weapons in Arcane Odyssey. If we missed any rare weapons, please let us know in the comments!

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All Rare Weapons and How to Get Them in Roblox Arcane Odyssey


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