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All Playable Characters in One Punch Man: World

Find out which characters are playable in the upcoming One Punch Man: World.

One Punch Man is beloved for its unique and colorful characters, many of which are interesting deconstructions of shōnen anime tropes. Some of the most popular characters will be fully playable in the upcoming multiplayer action game, One Punch Man: World. Want to know who made the cut? Here are all the playable characters in One Punch Man: World.

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Every announced playable character in One Punch Man: World

As of the game’s official announcement, eight playable heroes have been confirmed to be in the game. We are sure that the roster isn’t going to stop there, and more heroes will be announced as we get closer to the game’s release date. Here are the eight announced so far.


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Caped Baldy himself, Saitama is the titular One Punch Man everyone knows and loves. Saitama used to be an ordinary Joe, working a normal job, living a normal life, until one day, he rescues a young boy from a rampaging crab monster. Feeling inspired, Saitama undergoes a very strict training regime to become a superhero, which turned him into the unstoppable force he is today.

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A cybernetically-enhanced man with a traumatic past. After nearly dying at the hands of a mad cyborg when he was just a young boy, Genos was rescued by Dr. Kuseno and rebuilt into a cyborg himself. Once fueled by vengeance, Genos eventually meets Saitama and becomes his first friend, training under his wing to become a stronger fighter.

Speed-O-Sound Sonic

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A master assassin with incredible agility that is humbled by Saitama once they cross paths. Ever since that faithful encounter, Speed-O-Sound Sonic declares himself as Saitama’s rival and begins to stalk him to enact his revenge.

Mumen Rider

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Mumen Rider, real name Satoru, is just an ordinary man. While he lacks raw strength and superhuman powers, he makes up for it with sheer willpower and resolve. He is never seen without his trusty multi-terrain bike, which he uses to fight with and get around quickly.

Puri-Puri Prisoner

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A rather flamboyant man who willfully stays in prison to keep himself from… going after handsome men? Despite his interesting backstory and campy personality, Puri-Puri Prisoner is a force to be reckoned with, even though he is listed as one of the weakest S-Class heroes. His strength is no joke, as he can go toe-to-toe with some of the strongest monsters.

Atomic Samurai

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Kamikaze, also known as the Atomic Samurai, is a master samurai. His mastery of Iaijutsu, the quick-draw sword technique, is so astronomical that he can cut literal atoms with his blade. As such, he quickly made a name for himself as the Hero Association’s deadliest swordsman.

Golden Ball

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Golden Ball is a seemingly ordinary man, but he is equipped with a super-advanced slingshot which is more lethal than it sounds. His signature rounds are golden spheres that are spiked, and he is a crack shot with his slingshot, able to ricochet the rounds off of multiple walls.

Lightning Max

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An extremely agile speedster who utilizes rocket-powered shoes to run circles around his opponents and deliver thunderous karate kicks. His kicks are literally lightning fast, as they discharge electricity thanks to his shoes.

These are all the characters that have been officially announced and are listed on the official One Punch Man: World website, though the announcement trailer seems to suggest that there are more characters planned. If you watch the trailer closely, you can see Smile Man in some battles.

As we mentioned, there definitely seem to be more characters on the way. The Hero Association in the story of One Punch Man is packed with good heroes to choose from, so expect more announcements leading to the game’s launch.

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All Playable Characters in One Punch Man: World