Mario Golf: Super Rush isn’t exactly a traditional golf game. Sure, the rules of the game are pretty much the same as real-life golf, but you will be encountering a lot of different elements that do not share a whole lot with the real sport, such as the many obstacles you will have to work around to win games.

Here’s everything you need to know about obstacles in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

All Obstacles in Mario Golf: Super Rush Explained.

Mario Golf: Super Rush


Biddybud can be found around the Bonny Greens course, and hitting them will make them lose one coin, which you can pick up. If you hit them, however, the ball’s trajectory will change. If you jump on them, you will be launched in the air, which is quite useful in Speed Golf.


The Bomb-omb, which can be found in the Bowser Highlands and the Super Golf Stadium, are essentially weapons that can be used to destroy select obstacles or knock down your opponents. If you’re on the receiving end, however, you will want to stay clear of them, as they can make you lose some precious time.


These boulder-like creatures are found in the Ridgerock Lake course and can be very annoying to deal with. If you’re attempting to shoot with one in the vicinity, it will get in your way, and it will even try to knock you down. Thankfully, they can be destroyed by any Special Dash.

Chain Chomp

Chain Chomp is another classic Mario enemy that needs no introduction. Found in the Super Golf Stadium, this enemy will try to get at your character if you get close enough to it. Putting some distance between you and them will make sure they cannot get in your way.


The Chaarvagh are the Bowser Highland‘s variant of the Sandmaargh. These huge monsters will block any ball that hits them, so make sure to curve your shots to avoid them.

Fire Bar

The Fire Bar from classic Mario games returns in Mario Golf: Super Rush to annoy players. Found in the Bowser Highlands, these chains made of fireballs rotate around a single point. Avoid getting your ball close to them and they should pose no threat to you.


Freezies are as straightforward as an obstacle can get. Found in the Bowser Highlands, these ice creatures do not move and act as a barrier that will stop the ball if it hits them. They can be destroyed with the Special Dash.

Mr. Blizzard

The Mr. Blizzard creatures can be found in the Bowser Highlands. As you might have expected, these annoying snowmen will launch snowballs at you to knock you down. They can be destroyed by using Bomb-ombs.

Piranha Creeper

The Piranha Creeper can be found in the Wildweather Woods and they will try to not only stop the ball but attack you whenever they can. As such, you will want to steer clear of them at all times.


This classic Mario enemy can be found in the Balmy Dunes course. Hitting them with your shot will cause the monster’s parts to separate, which will end up on the course to hinder your progress.


Podoboos are the classic Mario series fireballs that jump out of the lava at regular intervals. Found in the Bowser Highlands, you can avoid getting hit by them by simply using the correct timing when shooting and moving around.


The Sandmaargh can be found in the Balmy Dunes, and they pretty much block any ball that hits them. As such, you will have to curve your shots properly to get past them.


Sheep can be found in the rough areas of the Bonny Greens course. These creatures are that much of an annoyance, but if you hit them, the ball will bounce off them, changing trajectory.

Snow Pokey

The Snow Pokey acts exactly like the regular Pokey, leaving its parts on the ground once hit. They can be found in the Bowser Highlands.


Thwomps, like in the classic Mario games, fall to the ground and rise at regular intervals, blocking the ball if it hits them and even you if you end up being right below them. They can be found in the Bowser Highlands as well as in the Super Golf Stadium.


Ty-Foo can be found in the Ridgerock Lake course, blowing air at set intervals. If your ball is caught by the air blown by them, it will stray from its trajectory. As such, try to time your shots so that they cannot get in your way.


Whomps are the more annoying variant of the Thwomps, as they can move around and will try to block you as soon as they can see you. Found in the Bowser Highlands, they can be avoided or stunned temporarily with a Bomb-omb.

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