Nintendo have announced what amazing content players can expect from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl when it is released this November. The news includes all new customisations, a rhythm game, and revamping of the Underground.

This updated version of Diamond and Pearl will include a whole new revamped Underground- now to be called the Grand Underground. The subterranean world will span the entire Sinnoh Region, and inside players can visit, create a secret base of their own, and dig to find fossils or other valuable treasure.

There are also Pokemon Hideaways to discover in the Grand Underground. Inside these hideaways players can find different Pokemon, all living in various terrains. Some of these Pokemon can only be discovered inside these special hideaways!

Pokémon Home Support

Players can dig in certain parts of the Grand Underground, and discover treasures, statues, and fossils by using a pickaxe or sledgehammer. Other players can also join you in the dig! The statues can be placed in your very own Secret Base, dug out by using a special tool called the Digger Drill.

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Players will also be please to hear that once you have progressed far enough into the game Pokemon can start following you about, but only one at a time! And if that wasn’t cute enough, you and your friends can also put on a spectacular show- Super Contest Shows! Four performers and their Pokemon will dress up and show off performance skills, getting judged in five categories! The team with the most points overall wins.

Follow Pokemon

Capsule Decoration in the form of stickers can be used to create effects when a Pokemon comes out of its ball for battles or Super Contest Shows. There are over 90 different stickers to choose from including flickering flames or fluttering petals and they can be gained either from the shop, or they can be won by defeating Gym Leaders.

Players will also be able to join other Trainers in the Union Room to battle or trade Pokemon, and all this can be done locally or globally!

Early birds can catch a special gift if they purchase the game soon. The gift they receive will be a Manaphy egg, and hatch it in game while carrying it around the Sinnoh Region.

Pre-order your copy of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl now to get your special early order gift.

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