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Roblox Adopt Me Pets are so cute, and every player has their favorite. The sweet pets can follow you around and play with you. Some can even fly! Some pets are more rare than others, and some are pretty exclusive. If you are trying to find some collectable pets, check out our list below of all new and legendary Pets in Adopt Me – Roblox.

Roblox Adopt Me – All Pets Available

Here is a list of all the pets currently in the game, including new ones and legendary rarities! Unfortunately some of these are no longer available to buy or unlock, but we will show you which those are. The only way to get an unavailable egg now is through trading with another player.

Adopt Me Gameplay (via Roblox)

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PetRarityHow to Get
ChickenCommonFarm Egg (Unavailable)
DogCommonStarter Egg, Cracked Egg, Pet Egg
Ground SlothCommonFossil Egg
OtterCommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg
RobinCommonChristmas Egg (Unavailable)
Tasmanian TigerCommonFossil Egg
BandicootCommonAussie Egg (Unavailable)
CatCommonStarter Egg, Cracked Egg, Pet Egg
ChickCommonEaster Egg (Unavailable)
Buffalo CommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg
MeerkatUncommonSafari Egg (Unavailable)
Pink CatUncommonPink Egg (Unavailable)
PumaUncommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Silly DuckUncommonFarm Egg (Unavailable)
Snow CatUncommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
SnowmanUncommonChristmas Event (Unavailable)
StegosaurusUncommonFossil Egg
TriceratopsUncommonFossil Egg
Wild BoarUncommonSafari Egg (Unavailable)
WolfUncommonChristmas Egg (Unavailable)
BatUncommonHalloween Event (Unavailable)
Black PantherUncommonJungle Egg (Unavailable)
Blue DogUncommonBlue Egg (Unavailable)
CapybaraUncommonJungle Egg (Unavailable)
Chocolate LabradorUncommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
DingoUncommonAussie Egg (Unavailable)
DrakeUncommonFarm Egg (Unavailable)
Fennec FoxUncommonCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
GlyptodonUncommonFossil Egg
MonkeyRareMonkey Box (Unavailable)
Musk OxRareChristmas Event (Unavailable)
OxRareLunar New Year Event
PigRareFarm Egg (Unavailable)
Polar BearRareChristmas Egg (Unavailable)
PterodactylRareFossil Egg
RabbitRareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
RatRareLunar New Year
ReindeerRareAdvent Calendar (Unavailable)
RhinoRareJungle Egg (Unavailable)
Snow PumaRareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
SwanRareChristmas Egg (Unavailable)
Wooly MammothRareFossil Egg
Australian KelpieRareAussie Egg (Unavailable)
BeaverRareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Brown BearRareJungle Egg (Unavailable)
BunnyRareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
CowRareFarm Egg (Unavailable)
DilophosaurusRareFossil Egg
ElephantRareSafari Egg (Unavailable)
Elf ShrewRareChristmas Event (Unavailable)
EmuRareAussie Egg (Unavailable)
HyenaRareSafari Egg (Unavailable)
LynxRareChristmas Event (Unavailable)
SabertoothUltra RareFossil Egg
Shiba InuUltra RareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
SlothUltra RarePet Shop
TurkeyUltra RareFarm Egg (Unavailable)
YetiUltra RareChristmas Event (Unavailable)
Zombie BuffaloUltra RareHalloween Event (Unavailable)
Albino BatUltra RareHalloween Event (Unavailable)
Arctic FoxUltra RareChristmas Egg (Unavailable)
BeeUltra RareCoffee Shop
LadybugUltra RareFarm Shop Event
LionUltra RareSafari Egg (Unavailable)
LlamaUltra RareFarm Egg (Unavailable)
Lunar OxUltra RareLunar New Year
PandaUltra RareLunar New Year
PenguinUltra RareThrow golden Goldfish to penguin at Ice Cream Parlor
PlatypusUltra RareJungle Egg (Unavailable)
Red PandaUltra RareCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Toy MonkeyUltra RareCombine 3 cymbals with monkey (Unavailable)
Business MonkeyUltra RareCombine 3 briefcases with monkey (Unavailable)
CrocodileUltra RareJungle Egg (Unavailable)
Dalmatian Santa DogUltra RareChristmas Event (Unavailable)
Deinonychus Ultra RareFossil Egg
Elf HedgehogUltra RareChristmas event (Unavailable)
FlamingoUltra RareSafari Egg (Unavailable)
FrogUltra RareAussie Egg (Unavailable)
Ghost BunnyUltra RareHalloween Egg (Unavailable)
HorseUltra RarePet Shop
KoalaUltra RareAussie Egg (Unavailable)
Guardian LionLegendaryLunar New Year
KangarooLegendaryAussie Egg
KitsuneLegendaryPet Store
King BeeLegendaryCoffee Shop
Monkey KingLegendaryCombine 3 Monkey Staffs with monkey (Unavailable)
Metal OxLegendaryLunar New Year
Ninja MonkeyLegendaryCombine 3 scrolls with monkey (Unavailable)
OwlLegendaryFarm Egg (Unavailable)
ParrotLegendaryJungle Egg (Unavailable)
Queen BeeLegendaryCoffee Shop
Robo DogLegendaryRobux
Shadow DragonLegendaryHalloween Event (Unavailable)
Skele-RexLegendaryHalloween Event (Unavailable)
Snow OwlLegendaryChristmas Event (Unavailable)
TurtleLegendaryAussie Egg (Unavailable)
Tyrannosaurus RexLegendaryFossil Egg
UnicornLegendaryCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Albino MonkeyLegendaryMonkey Box (Unavailable)
Arctic ReindeerLegendaryChristmas Egg (Unavailable)
Bat DragonLegendaryHalloween Event (Unavailable)
CrowLegendaryFarm Egg (Unavailable)
Diamond LadybugLegendaryFarm Shop Event
DodoLegendaryFossil Egg
DragonLegendaryCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Evil UnicornLegendaryHalloween Event (Unavailable)
Frost DragonLegendaryChristmas Event (Unavailable)
Frost FuryLegendaryChristmas Event (Unavailable)
GiraffeLegendarySafari Egg (Unavailable)
Golden LadybugLegendaryFarm Shop Event
Golden PenguinLegendaryThrow golden goldfish to penguin at Ice Cream Parlor
Golden RatLegendaryLunar New Year Event
GriffinLegendaryGamepass or Robux

Those are all the new and legendary pets in Roblox Adopt Me! We hope you found what you were looking for. Next up, why not check out how to make a neon ant in Roblox Adopt Me? Have fun!

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All New and Legendary Pets in Adopt Me – Roblox


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