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All Mushroom Locations in Mail Time

All Mushroom Locations in Mail Time
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As a Mail Scout in Grumblewood Grove, you have a very important job to do: deliver letters and complete tasks for the charming characters you meet. One of the funny little creatures who needs your help asks you to explore the whimsical fields and woods to find every type of mushroom you can, then bring them back.

If you are having trouble finding every species of mushroom, we can help. Let’s explore all mushroom locations in Mail Time.

How to find every mushroom in Mail Time

You come upon Toph the traveling Bat as they are wandering through the Grove, and they ask you to collect mushrooms and bring them back there. There are nine mushrooms to discover, and they are dotted about all over.

Image via appelmoes games

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  • Amethyst Deceiver: Head towards the water as you leave Toph. The mushrooms are by a tree stump;
  • Purple Pinwheel: Travel to the well. Find a patch of yellow flowers at the bottom of the well, and the purple mushrooms should be hidden among them;
  • Indigo Milkcap: These blue mushrooms are found at the farm;
  • Scarlet Elfcup: Head over to the van and across the road. There is an area behind the road with little pink mushrooms with red insides;
  • Blue Pinkgill: Inside the cave in the waterfall, there is a path. Go along the path to find a group of blue mushrooms;
  • Wrinkled Peach: This wrinkly mushroom is found near Basil and Soks. Get there by going to Clarence’s jumping point, then glide to a flower patch and head left;
  • Red Cage: Find Kiki and go right to the wall, then around the back of some rocks, to find a red netting mushroom;
  • Parrot Waxcap: This one is near where you meet Greg. Glide over to where he is until you see a green area. The green mushrooms are around there;
  • Golden Tuft: Head to Max (capybara) and a strange looking house. Behind the house are some Golden Tuft mushrooms.

That’s it for mushroom locations in Mail Time. We hope it helps you find what you need.

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All Mushroom Locations in Mail Time


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