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All Hero Shrines in Darkest Dungeon 2

All Hero Shrines in Darkest Dungeon 2
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Fear and loathing decimate the world of Darkest Dungeon 2, and sometimes the only way to progress forward in this bleak world is to take a moment to look inward towards the soul. Hero Shrines are scattered throughout the land, and taking a detour to visit them can advance your heroes in glorious ways… assuming they can confront their dark histories, that is. Here are all Hero Shrines in Darkest Dungeon 2.

All Hero Shrines and chapters in Darkest Dungeon 2

Every time you start a run in Darkest Dungeon 2, the routes that you can drive through with your Stagecoach are randomly generated, though there are always certain locations that are guaranteed to show up. The Hero Shrines are one such location, as there is usually at least one in every area.

Hero Shrines allows you to peek into a hero’s past, learning their life struggles and history. You can learn how they ended up in the Stagecoach with you, and what past burdens they carry with them to this day.

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In terms of game play, Hero Shrines permanently unlock new skills for heroes that can be used on future runs. Each hero has five chapters, and you can view one chapter per Hero Shrine, unlocking a new skill in the process. Be sure to take a look at the area map and plan out your route to reach any potential Hero Shrines.

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Most chapters are just cutscenes, where simply viewing them unlocks the hero’s skill. Some chapters are puzzles, which play out in the game’s regular battle system but with preset heroes and skills. Winning the battle concludes the chapter, netting you the skill.

So, to further improve your odds of surviving this nightmarish landscape, it is best to seek out as many Hero Shrines as you can. Use them all on your favorite heroes, or spread them out evenly—no matter how you do it, your party is constantly getting stronger every time you visit a Hero Shrine. For quick reference, here are all heroes’ chapters and what they unlock.

Man-at-Arms chapters

  1. A Premature Promotion
    • Unlocks Bellow
  2. A Leader of Men
    • Unlocks Stand Fast
  3. One Eye Open
    • Unlocks Retribution
  4. Ghost of the Past
    • Unlocks Courageous Abandon
  5. In the Trenches
    • Unlocks Command and Strategic Withdrawal

Highwayman chapters

  1. Freedom
    • Unlocks Point Blank Shot
  2. Laying Low
    • Unlocks Open Vein
  3. One Last Jab
    • Unlocks Highway Robbery
  4. Highway Robbery
    • Unlocks Grapeshot Blast
  5. Shackled
    • Unlocks Double Cross and Double Tap

Grave Robber chapters

  1. Luxury’s Lap
    • Unlocks Dead of Night
  2. Night Cap
    • Unlocks Repartee
  3. Embarrassment of Riches
    • Unlocks Lunge
  4. Filthy Rich
    • Unlocks Shadow Fade
  5. The Afterparty
    • Unlocks Pirouette and Glint in the Dark

Plague Doctor chapters

  1. The Good Student
    • Unlocks Emboldening Vapours
  2. Head of the Class
    • Unlocks Plague Grenade
  3. Extra Credit
    • Unlocks Indiscriminate Science
  4. Failing Grade
    • Unlocks Cause of Death
  5. Do No Harm
    • Unlocks Disorienting Blast and Magnesium Rain

Hellion chapters

  1. The Eve of Glory
    • Unlocks Bleed Out
  2. The Brave
    • Unlocks Bloodlust
  3. Night in the Woods
    • Unlocks Raucous Revelry
  4. Shame and Exile
    • Unlocks Breakthrough
  5. The Great Emptiness
    • Unlocks Adrenaline Rush and Howling End

Runaway chapters

  1. The Pigs of Saint Martha’s
    • Unlocks Ransack
  2. Beloved
    • Unlocks Cauterize
  3. Drawn to the Flame
    • Unlocks Controlled Burn
  4. Burnt Offering
    • Unlocks Dragonfly
  5. Ashes
    • Unlocks Firestarter and Backdraft

Jester chapters

  1. Some Strange Melody
    • Unlocks Play Out
  2. Music of the Night
    • Unlocks Harvest
  3. Play to the Crowd
    • Unlocks Echoing March
  4. A Dark Song
    • Unlocks Finale
  5. Finale
    • Unlocks Solo and Encore

Leper chapters

  1. Shun Them Not
    • Unlocks Break
  2. Infection
    • Unlocks Revenge
  3. Treason
    • Unlocks Intimidate
  4. The Purge
    • Unlocks Hew
  5. A Beautiful View
    • Unlocks Bash and Ruin

Occultist chapters

  1. The Ritual
    • Unlocks Vulnerability Hex
  2. A Door in the Desert
    • Unlocks Binding Shadows
  3. Some Parts Must Die
    • Unlocks Malediction
  4. The Guest
    • Unlocks The Burning Stars
  5. An Eternal Flame
    • Unlocks Anamnesis and Chaotic Offering

Vestal chapters

  1. Want Not
    • Unlocks Ministrations
  2. A Momentary Lapse
    • Unlocks Mace Bash
  3. No God but Men
    • Unlocks Sanctuary
  4. Divine Intervention
    • Unlocks Consecration of Light
  5. Wrath
    • Unlocks Divine Comfort and Mantra

These sum up all the Hero Shrines in Darkest Dungeon 2. Is there anything else you’d like us to cover regarding Darkest Dungeon 2? Share your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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All Hero Shrines in Darkest Dungeon 2